Enjoy an Early Chapter Read

Omar, the Bees and Me by Helen Mortimer

Illustrations by Katie Cottle

Published by Owlet Press

Omar is new to the class, he brings in honey cake for the class to share, this gives the class teacher an idea to make the town bee friendly and bring the town together. Soon everyone is involved and Omar starts to make friends. 

Soon the town is transformed into a bee friendly place. 

This book is brilliant and explains to children how important bees are to us humans, it explains how it helps are food chain.

The pictures are amazing, they are full of details and colourful. 

A welcome addition to our school library.

Armadillo and Hare and the Very Noisy Bear by Jeremy Strong

Illustrations by Rebecca Bagley

Published by David Fickling Books

Armadillo and Hare are the very best of friends, they live happily in the big forest, they love living there especially Armadillo who loves the quiet. Imagine their surprise one day a very loud drumming noise is heard in the forest. Turns out the noise is all down to new arrival Bear, what will the friends think of it, and will Armadillo be happy with the noise.

Armadillo and Hare and the Flamingo Affair by Jeremy Strong

Illustrations by Rebecca Bagley

Published by David Fickling Books

Flamingo has just moved in the big forest, she’s pink, she’s colourful, and definitely flamboyant  . Will she be able to fit in and live happily in the big forest? Will Armadillo admit how much he likes Flamingo?

These are two great books in the series 

The story is fun to read and you will find yourself with a smile on your face whist you read these books. The illustrations are fantastic with plenty of detail. 

A must for all school libraries. 

Titles from Sweet Cherry Publishing

Last month I was introduced to Sweet Cherry Publishing, the books are amazing. I chose two books from their recent publications to read.

The curse of the cheese pyramid by Geronimo Stilton and No ordinary boy, an easy classic. 

I was really impressed by the quality of the books. These books have so much going for them, they are short books, they have short chapters. The font of the writing is larger than normal. The story in both books was interesting. 

They have illustrations all the way through. These are perfect for children who are becoming confident in reading by themselves. These will definitely be added to my library wish list. This is a publisher to keep an eye on.

Kate On the Case by Hannah Peck

Published by Piccadilly Press

When a child is confident in reading picture books then they need something else,  something that will challenge them. So short chapter books are ideal. These books usually have 4-5 pages a chapter  and always have amazing illustrations on most pages, the text of the writing is usually bigger. Kate on the case is such a book, its easy for newly independent readers  to read, the illustrations help tell the story,  the text is large. But most of important it tells a story. 

This story is about a young girl called Kate, her mouse called Rupert  and the adventure they have on a train to the Arctic. Its a great story which will ,have children (and some adults) wanting more from this author.

Nikhil and Jay – The Star Birthday &

Nikhil and Jay – Save the Day by Chitra Soundar

Illustrations by Soofiya

Published by Otter Barry books

These are great books ideal for children who are starting to read independently. The text is larger than normal, the sentences are short to read, and the story is easy to follow and most importantly the story is interesting to read.

The illustrations help tell the story. 

The books are about two brothers Nikhil and Jay, they part of an  Indian family and we follow them in their everyday life, we also get 5o learn about their culture which is fascinating. Each book contains 4 stories. I will definitely be purchasing these for my school library.

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