Picture Book Perfection – September (Part One)

I love a picture book, it gives you an opportunity to talk with your child about the pictures, what is happening and what can you see. I feel this is quality time with them. Here is a round up of some favourites 

Afraid of the Dark

  • Written by Sarah Shaffi and Isabel Otter
  • Illustrations by Lucy Forfort
  • Published by Little Tiger

It’s scary when your small and you have to move home,  everything is different especially at night time when you are meant to sleep in a strange room. But during the day you can meet new people and discover new places.

A beautiful book dealing with early friendships, new beginnings and coping with fear. The pictures are drawn so to give you a chance to discuss the details with your child. 

Agent Llama

  • Written by Angela Woolfe
  • Illustrations by Duncan Beedie
  • Published by Little Tiger

The animal kingdoms answer to James Bond. Complete with code name, special skills this is one llama not to be messed with. 

Being an adventure, fast moving action packed book the pictures are the same, they are big bold and are a major part of the story. 

Peace Train 

Written by Cat Stevens 

Illustrations by Peter H Reynolds

Published by HarperCollins

To celebrate 50 years of the famous song Peace Train, Cat Stevens has put the song to pictures and produced this amazing version of the song.

The whole of the pages are covered in big, bright colourful pictures that include amazing details

The Kings Birthday Suit

Written by Peter Bentley

Illustrations by Claire Powell

Published by Bloomsbury

King Albert had so many clothes but he always wanted more, as its his birthday coming up he decides to have a special suit made.

Two tailors promises to make him that best suit in the world, of course he can’t resist this.

The results of the suit is unbelievable. 

A re-telling of the classic Hans Christian Anderson story The Emperors New Clothes.

There are some funny moments in the book, this book will encourage children to say what they think and give them confidence to speak up. This book has some  amazing pictures.

Molly and the Lockdown

Written by Malachy Doyle

Illustrations by Andrew Whitson

Published by Graffeg

Molly lives on a island with her parents,  her dad sells fish so spends a lot of time on the mainland .

One day news reaches the island that a terrible virus is on the mainland  and spreading fast.

Nobody is allowed on or off the island so molly’s dad is stuck on the mainland. 

Suddenly nobody’s allowed out of there house and school is shut. Then the virus reaches the island. 

This is a beautiful written story based on the Covid 19 pandemic, its  told from a child’s point of view  and it explains what happened really well. Its written so a child will understand and answers alot of questions that they might have.

My Summer with Grandad 

By Tom Timm-Disbury

A young boy goes on his first fishing trip with his grandad. 

He’s not the best fisherman in the world, so grandad finds him him something else  to do.

Mr Bat WANTS a Hat

By Kitty Black

Mr Bat needs a hat, he eventually finds one he likes, only problem is that it’s  covered in glitter and oh yeah it belongs to someone else. 

Both of these books are published by New Frontier Publishing, they are both favourites of mine.

They both tell a brilliant story and both books have amazing pictures.

How to Mend a Friend

Written by Karl Newson

Illustrations by Clara Anganuzzi 

Published by Studio Press

All friends are different, some friends needs hug, some need cuddles and just need someone to talk  to. You learn how to support friends in different ways.  

With Empathy day coming up this is an important book to include in your library.  

Move, Mr Mountain!

Written and illustrated by Francesca Sanna

Published by Templar Publishing

There’s not much Mr Mountain hasn’t seen in his life time, dinosaurs, plants worms and of course  humans. But when he’s asked to move, will he manage to keep his temper? 

This book highlights the importance of friendship and being considerate to others. 

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