Fireborn – Twelve and the Frozen Forest (Blog Tour)

  • Written by Aisling Fowler
  • Published by Harper Collins

Join us as we journey to into a snowy prehistoric world. A prehistoric world where people give up their names to learn how to train as monster fighters, a place where they have to learn how to keep the peace. A place where magic is banned. This is a place where different clans train , where there is unrest.

Twelve is one such person,  she’s taken the pledge 

“I pledge my life to the hunting lodge 

I vow to serve all seven classes my own. To protect them from what lies beyond 

I forsake all blood ties and family feuds”

And she’s now a huntling, she must keep the name Twelve until she has earned a new name. As she trains all she can think about is revenge,  revenge on those who took her family.

Suddenly Twelve’s new home is attacked, a young girl goes missing, nobody else seems to care, but Twelve does. This starts the quest that will help change her name and her life forever. On this quest she learns about the true meaning of friendship,  she will learn more about herself and the values she holds dear.

Joined by her squirrel friend Widge and the guardian of the lodge Dog and then later on by two more huntlings Five and Six they must fight against terrifying monsters. But Twelve is clever she has many tricks up her selves or in her bag.

This book had 8 publishers bidding on this,  and after reading it you can see why, Aisling Fowler has written on of the best books of the year, it will keep you hooked and wanting more until you finish the book, even then you will still need more, then you in luck because this is the first in a series. 

I can imagine that I am Twelve,  I can see myself in her shoes taking the pledge and training with the others, leaving to go on the quest, and that’s always what a good book does it makes you believe you are that person . I’m so looking forward to reading the next in the series. 

Blog Tour review and content created by Helen

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