The Raven Heir

  • Written by Stephanie Burgis
  • Due to be published by Bloomsbury on 5th August 2021

What an amazing book!  This had everything you could ever want in a book – magic, a family secret, and non stop adventure. 

This has twists and turns all through out the book, relationships weren’t what you thought they were, and there’s the mystery of why the triplets have been kept inside their home by their mother.

The first chapter gets you hooked and this has you guessing as to the mothers secrets.

Cornelia the main character is amazing, taking you along on this epic journey with her, willing her on, but never knowing her fate until the very end.

This is definitely a favourite book of mine, and a must read of 2021 for anyone looking for an unforgettable story, and being published early August makes this perfect for choosing to read during the Summer Reading Challenge, or in the Summer in general.

My fingers are firmly crossed for a second book, we shall have to wait and see.

By Helen Byles.

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