Tiger Warrior : Attack of the Dragon King (Blog Tour)

This newly published title, written by M.Chan, is the perfect choice for readers beginning their reading experience of early chapter books, with large font, and illustrations adorning the pages – the perfect combination for 5-8 year olds to independently enjoy the adventure story awaiting them, and being bought to life with both the creative text and the illustrations too.

The story focuses on a young boy named Jack, who is your typical console games player. What makes Jack special becomes apparent as the story builds, with his grandad revealing a family secret and dynasty to him, having taught Jack stories and details relevant to this huge revelation throughout his childhood years, but without Jack realising the significance to it.

Jack and his grandad are adorably close, with a bond similar to that of father and son, and it is lovely to read incidents in which Jack gets pranked by the elder, and the fun the pair have, as well as it being hugely apparent that the care, concern and love is mutually reciprocated.

Jack is given a very special coin, which is property to the Tiger Warrior, a role fulfilled by Jack’s ancestors before him, and it reaching the time for Jack to embrace his destiny. There are so many incredible animals Jack can call on, each harbouring power that he can harness, and all linked to the Chinese Zodiac, one of the many things he was taught by his grandad, Yeye.

Eager for Jack to visit the realm of the Jade Emperor, a peaceful place since the Dragon King was imprisoned, and seeing no immediate hurry for training, Yeye sends Jack through a portal to explore. But things are not as they were when Yeye last visited the Jade Emperor’s lands, and much chaos, danger, and unforgettable adventure awaits Jack when he arrives!

Tying in the combat and strategising that awaits him to that of his console game playing, Jack must battle not one but two dragons, and the Dragon King, who has managed to escape his captivity. Fortunately Jack doesn’t face them alone, meeting a young girl named Li, princess of the realm, upon his arrival, and who also has powers she can call upon.

The pair are brave, clever, and cunning as they work each problem they come up against, and work together to maximise a positive outcome. These traits make them great role models for the young readers joining them on their incredible adventures, and inspiring them along the way.

Boys and Girls alike will enjoy this book, and no doubt be delighted to find out that a second title, Tiger Warrior War of the Fox Demons is due for publication too, especially as they have come to know Jack and Li, and their family histories. Combining the Chinese Zodiac, adventure, a family dynasty, and console gameplay with both a male and female lead ensures this captures children’s interests whilst ensuring they can easily relate to the content and characters, and is a definite winner.

Be sure to check out the previous stops on the book tour for more reviews of this fantastic new title, published by Hachette Children’s Books (information on the banner below), and be sure to pick up a copy for the early chapter readers in your lives, at home and at school.

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