Bad panda Blog Tour

Helen Says –

This newest title by Swapna Haddow tells the story of Lin, a Panda that everyone thinks is cute, adorable and sweet. 

But when Lin finds herself shipped off to a zoo she hatches a plan to be sent back to her family. 

So she decides to become a bad panda, will the plan work, will see be sent back or will she still be thought of as cute?

It can really be difficult when your so cute.

This is such a fun book, when you read this book it will make you think of a small child misbehaving themselves. 

There are pictures on every page which will add to the enjoyment, beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey. What I liked most about the book was that it is perfectly presented for younger children to read.

Sam Says –

As ever, Swapna Haddow has done a fantastic job of writing a book that has massive appeal to the intended audience, that of children looking to begin there adventure into chapter books. The layout of text being broken up by bold and vibrant illustrations courtesy of illustrator Sheena Dempsey will appeal to all, even those reluctant to begin reading chapter books, and also help to bring the characters of Lin and Fu (and all the other Pandas) to life.

Lin isn’t happy to be sent away from her family at the animal sanctuary, especially as it means leaving behind her brother, and the pair have become very close growing up. On her way to the zoo she is to be star attraction for, Lin meets Fu, a male Panda destined for the same place, and who is sad for similar reasons to Lin. The Pair ultimately become thick as thieves in Lin’s attempt to get sent back to her brother and family, by being a naughty as possible.

As readers follow Lin as she looks to be back in the company of her family, and the brother that was left behind, they can expect giggles along the way, because even though there are some really touching moments throughout the story, they are balanced well with banter and bravado that readers will love!

If you love Dave the Pigeon then you will love Lin the Panda, aka Bad Panda. She might try to be as naughty as possible, but ultimately her heart is in the right place and she is misbehaving for the right reasons, which is why hers and Fu’s story will stay with you long after finishing the book.

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