First Names : Albert Einstein – Blog Tour

One of the most famous scientists to ever exist has to be Albert Einstein, and he is doubtless an interesting individual to learn about, which is exactly why First Names : Albert Einstein is the ideal choice of newly published children’s books for those looking to do just that. Whether tasked with researching the man behind the Theory of Relativity, interested in science, keen to learn about the life of someone of such incredible notoriety, or simply looking for a book that offers you facts from cover to cover, this book is perfect.

School libraries will love the quality content, and the combining of illustrations to help children picture and understand what is happening. The text layout gives readers bitesize amounts of information at a time, using bold font for significant terminology that can be found in the glossary at the back of the book, and in a narrative that will feel comfortable and familiar to the intended readers.

The book begins with explaining who Albert Einstein is, and then takes readers back to when Albert was just a young boy, referencing significant milestones in his life as readers journey through the book. The book is incredibly well researched, and details the good with the bad, as readers travel back in time as they observe the contributive factors that conclude with a scientist that is so highly regarded that even in his death he had people completing research on his brain, to try to learn how the brain of one of the smartest men to live functioned, and differed to others.

Einstein had an impact that far exceeded his lifetime, and still does to this date. He learnt to play the violin through sheer determination at a young age, was a rebel in primary school, survived both world wars, became a citizen of many countries, and there are so many more facts and interesting moments to learn about Albert through reading this title in the First Names series. The finishing detail to this book is the timeline at the end of the book, which helps sum up the content as it concludes, and gives a snapshot look at the incredible lifetime of this amazing individual in bulletpoints.

Be sure to check out the other stops in the blog tour, organised by David Fickling Books, and get even more insight into this amazing title from the other brilliant bloggers that feature, and be sure to pick up a copy from your local bookseller, priced at just £6.99.

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