The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

  • By Kate Gilby Smith
  • due for publication 10th June 2021

Sadly Alex’s mum died, soon after she was born,  so she was looked after by her uncle Henry.

They adored each other and they were so alike. Alex loved being home schooled by her uncle, but as time passed she realised she wanted to go to school. 

But she wasn’t like everyone else and she didn’t fit in, until she met Jasper. 

But there’s something not quite right about Jasper, what is he hiding? 

And who are all those tourists? 

Alex must travel in  time to rescue her only friend. Will she find him and who exactly is  Alex?

The books this year are getting better and better,  I was hooked, I really wanted to read the book but wanted it to last forever. And the twist in the last chapter is fantastic and never saw it coming

 By Helen Byles

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