Telling the story of one boys journey through grief after losing his mum to cancer, Alfie is struggling to understand how his once present, healthy and loving mum was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle with it, and all within such a small amount of time, and now she is gone.

It seems that the lack of interaction with his dad has left Alfie even more withdrawn and confused, that is until he crosses paths with a girl named Alice who is really lovely, she just doesn’t come across that way initially as she also has ongoing problems within her life which mean she has her guard up constantly.

Through Alfie thinking about Alice and their two getting to know each other better he finds himself starting to worry about her in certain scenarios and this gives him an understanding of relationships and the importance of them that he didn’t previously have.

Alfie comes to appreciate his friendship with Alice and sees that the support if a good friend will get you through the hard times, and Alfie sees there is more he could do to fix the bond between him and his dad and sets about making amends.

Reading this book made me cry, it is an extremely emotional and heart warming read. The book takes the reader back to the times when Alfie’s mum was still alive and also gives us Alfie’s viewpoint and experience of his mum’s journey from diagnosis to passing via memories that run concurrently within the book. The memories Alfie recalls are insightful and emotional which really enable the reader to connect with the story in its entirety.

Definitely one of the more emotionally charged books I have read, I found this book informative as well as gripping to read. There is a real need to know the outcome of this story in the hope that Alfie and Alice will find the happy ending each of them deserves.

Published by – Scholastic Publication date – 06.06.19 RRP – £6.99

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