YA Title Special – Lily’s Just Fine

A perfect YA book for those that are looking to upgrade from primary school level fiction to secondary school books, Lily’s Just Fine is a fantastic read that I found intriguing throughout and that I built an emotional connection to whilst reading about life for the youth in the scottish town of Newton St Cuthbert in Scotland.

With simultaneous chapters written in the narrative of the two main characters Lily and Tom, opposites in so many ways not least the male and female perspectives, you soon become immersed in both characters worlds. Lily comes from a wealthy family and lives in a stunning house in the better part of Newton St Cuthbert with her Mum, and her Dad when he isn’t away working and Tom lives in a terraced house with his parents and sister. Lily is quite full on in character, asserting herself everywhere she goes, taking on extra curricular activities and additional responsibilities. Tom on the other hand keeps himself to himself, enjoying the solitude sailing offers him as a hobby, with all additional time he has being spent helping out at home and keeping a close brotherly eye on his sister Sarah.

Sarah suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a condition which author Gill Stewart has threaded into the story in just the right amount, doing justice to the condition and the impact it has on those around the person suffering. As someone that is familiar with the condition on a personal level I found myself nodding and smiling at the little details and appreciating the involvement of CFS within this book and that it makes teenage audiences aware of something that is becoming more and more of a medical issue.

When Lily and Tom become acquainted they initially have no interest in each other with a sort of non verbal agreement to be civil towards each other but as time goes on and as is true to real life in so many youngsters lives they start to relax together, letting their guards down and being themselves. Tom and Lily come to realise that they actually like each other and that in itself creates more drama for the teenagers especially as Lily is convinced Tom’s best friend Gemma has a thing for Tom also, and given that Gemma is also friends with Lily it could get complicated.

Reading this title has been refreshingly enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining, I will definitely refer regularly while recommending this book to it as an interesting read. The emotional aspects of the story are relatable and realistic and the topics that are covered are unquestionably informative and gripping.

Published by – Sweet Cherry Publication date – 11.07.19 RRP – £7.99

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