Danny Dingle’s – The Series

The first thing you notice about the Danny Dingle’s books is that they have the same illustrative design on each just with a different strong colour for each title, this makes them easily identifiable to the intended audience, younger readers that are fans of Tom Gates style books.

I am super lucky and excited to have received my set of the Danny Dingle’s titles from Sweet Cherry Publishing directly, they grabbed my attention whilst visiting the publisher exhibition stalls at this years FCBG conference and when I invested time in finding out more about them I had the perfect audience in mind to explore the books with, my niece.

My 7 year old niece has an older sister that is a huge fan of Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid books but my 7 year old niece struggles to understand what the excitement is about because my niece has been diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. When I showed her this new selection of books to hopefully enjoy with me she was captivated from the offset.

The text within the books is simple, short and written in varied creative fonts and shapes, it’s very comicy making it instantly interesting to read and ensuring the reader is engaged. We meet the title character Danny Dingle and his pet toad named Super Dog, he narrates the story as he creates top secret gadgets and explores such places as summer camp.

Each book begins by introducing Danny so which ever book is chosen the story inside is a standalone comprehensible title for the reader to enjoy as well as reading them in a series and building a familiarity with the characters and locations.

We particularly enjoyed sharing “The Jet of Justice” red book together, so I will focus my narrative on that title specifically. My niece easily followed the story, after we became familiar with Danny and his gang we learnt that he would be heading off to Summer Camp and then the real adventures began. The story is continually adventurous and immersive and the creatively written text depicting the adventures really hooked my niece in, tracing the words with her finger and adding suspense when the text got bold.

The illustrations that frequent the pages not only break up the text, encouraging reluctant readers with the lesser text on a page, but they give visual explanation to what is happening within the story, helping younger readers to keep up. My niece at this point was extremely proud to be enjoying similar texts to her older sister and pleased that she could join in during reading time either at home or at school.

So inventor Danny decided to make a Jet using every day objects and the entire book is filled with chaos and mayhem, hilariously undertaken and a real laugh a minute content. We really enjoyed ourselves exploring “The Jet of Justice” and my niece, who is only now at a reading comprehension level of starting to explore chapter books, crazed to read the others and find out what other bizarre notions took Danny’s fancy, so I gifted the first three books to my 7 year old niece and explained to her that she can find the other two titles in our school library as I had a plan.

I plan to introduce the titles I have taken to school to reluctant boy readers that I have worked closely with recently to try to encourage their passion for reading by introducing them to varied texts and I strongly believe they would enjoy these books through the design, layout, appeal and content – especially as there is so much that boys enjoy like inventing, farts (oh yes, theres lots of these!), creativity and disasters. These books are perfect for young readers setting out into the world of chapter books, looking to laugh out loud, enjoy themselves while reading and be able to join in with reading time – just like my niece.

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