Navigating Non-fiction #1

This new section of my blog is intended to help give an insight into non-fiction titles that are available to purchase by my navigating those that are relevant to topic boxes and popular sections of the information side of the school library. I am hugely aware that budgets are non existent – all of my funds for book purchasing comes from sponsors which means I need to be seeking the best value, highest quality, topic relevant titles, and that is what I hope to pass on through these blog entries, so follow the hashtag #NavigatingNon-fiction.

》Fats and Sugars

Perfect for KS1 level learning on the health and wellbeing topic, this book is specific to fats and sugars and tells us all about both, from there origins to their benefits, uses and the impact they have on our bodies. The images within the book are mouthwatering to view, detailing ingredients and produce clearly throughout.

A brilliant detail in this books design is the under lining of keywords that feature which can then be found in the glossary at the end of the book. There are additional books available to accompany this one to help educate younger readers about healthy eating, they are – fruit, meat & fish, milk & dairy products, starchy foods and vegetables and they retail at £12.99 each – and are hardback so it saves needing book covers, or alternatively you can buy the entire set and when I viewed this option today it is priced at £52.99 down from £78. This is a brilliant price to purchase an entire book set for school, and BookLife frequently Match fund meaning your funds will go even further still. Madness!

Published by – BookLife Visit –

Surviving The Rise of The Mummies

This is an exciting book to read about all things ancient egyptian, from mummification to pharoahs tombs, temple boobytraps and so much more. The narrative is definitely KS2 friendly and on the same level as the children which feels immersive and in no way daunting like older edition textbooks can be, this book has an energy in the texts and illustratations that will leave readers enthusiastic about the topic especially as the images are so captivating and leave you curious to know more. Key words for the topic are written in capitals and gathered in a glossary at the back of the book which hugely benefits study and spelling too.

My title from the series is not available on the website but I would definitely recommend the other titles within the Surviving the Impossible series from the BookLife website as they have an appeal for the relevant audience beyond there highly curious and interesting covers. The titles in the selection cover surviving an alien invasion, a killer virus, a world without power, a robot revolution, an active supervolcano and a zombie apocalypse. All of these titles could easily be introduced to reluctant readers in KS2 who would undoubtedly enjoy working through the selection of books, and equally these could be used in relevant topics to engage children into the interesting aspects of what they are being taught. Currently £50 for the collection, that is a steal!

Published by – BookLife Visit –

When The Stars Come Out

Covering everything there is to know about the night sky this book has it all. From the history of the night sky to the moon and moon cycles, constellations, auroras and the extremely magical moonbows, there is so much to learn and explore within this stunning picture book written by Nicola Edwards. This book goes on to detail the different habitats found on earth at night and the pros and cons to this time of day for the inhabitants, the affect it has on the earths animals and their behaviour and then mentions us humans too. There is so much to learn about When the Stars Come Out and this book really details it all in mentally digestible chunks that make the book less intimidating to explore for young audiences. I am looking forward to adding this to my library stock very soon, and adding it to topic boxes too.

A stunning illustration from within the book.

Published by – Little Tiger Press Visit – uk

Feeling Excited

Within this kid’s guide to feelings we are taught how we feel when we are excited, how we portray this in our body language and actions, why we feel excited, the things that make us excited, when it is inappropriate to be excited and how to deal with the feelings we have and all the relevant key words are gathered in the glossary at the end. There are bold, comic strip style images throughout that feature vibrant colours to really reflect the excited and upbeat theme. This is the perfect addition to KS1 “ourselves” topic box and school libraries bookcases too. There are other titles in the series covering feeling afraid, feeling embarrassed, feeling happy, feeling jealous, feeling lonely, feeling mad and feeling sad – they would make a great addition to the Phse resources within school too. Retailing at £12.99 per hardback title in the series is good value for money (don’t forget match funding).

Published by – BookLife Visit –

Piggle’s Guide to Hot Air Balloons

Written for KS1 in the theme of attending a flight school, this book tells you all about hot air balloons, what they are and how they are made. We learn about lift, navigation, and landing the balloon successfully. We get inspired learning about famous hot air balloons and are given a checklist to confirm our knowledge at the end to show we have completed flight school and with a glossary to refer to for keywords at the back of the book there literally is everything a KS1 child could need on the subject. The style is both interesting and engaging to young readers and the illustrations really do explain the text in a simple and understandable way ensuring that the audience remain invested throughout and gain the information within. Other titles in the series are Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Gliders, Airships and Space Shuttles. Retailing at £12.99 in hardback these would be a brilliant library investment to engage KS1 in information books and excite them to utilise the non fiction section of the library.

Published by – BookLife Visit –

I really hope that this information provides those looking for new non-fiction titles with a more detailed description of the titles mentioned, each of which is now available on my school library shelves for loaning. As I begin a new journey through information books for my blog here I hope that I can continue to assist others in the search for high quality, curriculum relevant, age appropriate texts that can justify the purchase from budgets, especially with such hugely beneficial schemes as Match Funding.

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