Wildspark follows Prue, a young girl working on her family farm, mourning the recent loss of her brother Frances, to whom she was incredibly close too. Fixing and maintaining the mechanimals that are a valuable asset to the farm, Prue has learnt much of her mechanical knowledge through her brother.

When a stranger visits the farm asking to employ the services of Frances, who has a reputation with mechanics precedes him, Prue decides to embark on her own personal quest to follow the stranger, traveling to the ghost guild, where she takes on her brothers name with the sole intent of using the guilds technology to bring her brother back.

The attention to detail within Wildspark is phenomenal, creating a depth to the entire story that enables the reader to feel fully immersed within the pages of the book from the offset. There is a real 360° viewpoint feel to this book where in any given scene all the information involved is passed on to the reader even smaller details allowing them to envisage the world that Vashti Hardy brings to life inside the pages of Wildspark.

Mechanics and technology are two key themes that are explored within this book and combining them with a strong female main character really works well. There are also other characters key to the overall storyline, both human and mechanimal, that make this book relatable to so many.

Fear of an unknown monster lurking in the trees outside of the guild keeps you on your guard as you read on through the book, encountering it on several occasions and the realistic feel to the predator-prey chase scenes definitely gets your pulse racing, readers that like a little bit of scary will enjoy.

This is a book like no other, taking a young girl from the countryside and thrusting her into a world of technology and advancement from the minute she made the brave decision to step on-board the gigantrak and make her much needed, soul searching journey in order to help her with her grief. Losing someone close, and at a young age would have been unbearable for Prue, it is a real honour to travel alongside her to the streets of Medlock in a bid to bring back the one person she held so dear.

Publication date – 02.05.19 RRP £6.99

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