Return to Wonderland

A collection of short stories taking you back to the world of Alice in Wonderland, this is the new release from Macmillan featuring an award winning line up of authors.

Return to Wonderland is a collection of 11 short stories from authors of current best selling titles. Each story features a different character or aspect of the original Alice in Wonderland book. I particularly enjoyed that each story features a part of the one before, albeit a character tie in or mentioning of a detail from the previous story’s plot.

Featuring poetry, humour, current affairs and the environment – this selection of short stories will delight any that read them, and there is even a tribute to librarians which I really loved. There is a short pretext before each story which gives a fantastic insight into the authors memories of Alice in Wonderland and how they came to decide which part of Wonderland to write about.

The featured authors are Peter Bunzl (author of the Cogheart trilogy), Pamela Butchart (There’s a werewolf in my tent, The spy who loved school dinners, etc), Maz Evans (Who let the gods out trilogy), Swapna Haddow (Dave the pigeon titles), Patrice Lawrence (Orangeboy, Indigo Donut), Chris Smith (Co-author of Kid Normal titles), Robin Stevens (Murder Most Unladylike titles), Lauren St John (Kat Wolfe books), Lisa Thompson (The Goldfish Boy,The Light Jar, The day I was erased), Piers Torday (The dark wild trilogy) and Amy Wilson ( A girl called owl, A far away magic, Snowglobe).

With each story in the book belonging to a different author this allows the reader to familiarise themselves with the writers style, giving an insight into what to expect from the authors own titles, as we tend to do as adults where we like a particular book by an author and then choose to buy or borrow their other titles to read, some of the stories even have a sneaky nod to the authors own titles.

This selection of stories does true justice to the original, immersing the reader in the extravagant world of all things Alice, with stories featuring the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts to name a few. The reader quickly forgets that they are reading a short story, as each features the depth experienced in entire books as we get to once again venture down the rabbit hole.

Undoubtedly a book to cherish, this selection of stories will introduce a whole new generation to the wonderful world that Lewis Carroll created so many years ago.

Publication date – 27.06.19 RRP £10.99 (HB)

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