True Adventures series from Pushkin Press

Pushkin press have published some amazing True Adventures books, these are short stories that will interest children of all ages and the best thing is that they are true.

Here’s a round up of my favourites. 

The Fog of War, Martha Gellhorn at the D Day Landings. 

  • Written by Michelle Jabes Corpora

In June 1944 aboard a hospital ship heading to Normandy to rescue injured soldiers  newspaper journalist Martha Gellhorn is disguised as a nurse. Martha is on her way to becoming the only woman to set foot on the beaches of Normandy on D Day.

This was so interesting to read about,  I had no idea how awesome she actually was. 

The flag that never touched the ground,  America’s brave black regiment in battle. 

  • Written by Kekla Magoon.

In this book we are following William Harvey Carney foot steps. A former slave he escapes  to the North, were for a few years he lives quietly. Until the American civil war begins,  he joins one of the countries only black regiment where the eyes of the world are on them.

You experience the danger of escaping from a life of slavery right the way through to  the war, you get to understand how scary it was. 

Swordswoman! The Queen of Jhansi in the Indian Uprising of 1857

  • Written by Devika Rangachari

India 1857, the country is ruled by Queen Lakshmibai. The British came over as traders, but took control of the country,  this led to the Queen losing her throne. The people of India were extremely unhappy with this and decided to fight back.

A lovely story about a brave woman who though her life was shirt she packed a lot into it.

The girl who said no to the Nazis, Sophie Scholl and the plot against Hitler. 

  • Written by Haydn Kaye.

Nazi Germany 1942, World War 2 has been raging for a few years, not everyone believes in  Hitler. Sophie,  her brother Hans and a few student friends can take no more, taking matters into their own hands they sent up the  mysterious White Rose. A group of people out to set the record straight,  but are they safe?

 A remarkable tale of some very brave people.

There are other titles in this series, which consists of eight books in total, and they are also worthy reading material that I highly recommend. This series would be perfect for school libraries and classroom reading areas alike, with these books being suitable for children aged 8+.

Overview/review of series written by Helen Byles.

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