A look at Little Tiger titles for Little Ones

I had to share this selection of Board Books from Little Tiger on my blog as they contain a variety of content, are educational, stimulating, and all stunning to look at – making them fun to share and enjoyable to read. Little Tiger make the most incredible Board Books for 0-3 years, and are such a fantastic example of a publisher that is determined to offer quality content to readers of all ages, in this case those starting off their journey of enjoying books. I have seen first hand just how invaluable sharing books with little ones is, and how this then leads to them enjoying stories, bedtime reads, and a lifetime of reading of pleasure. That journey starts with the kind of books featured below, and it is always so much fun sharing these stimulating books with little ones, and making memories along the way.

What are Unicorns Made Of? – by Amelia Hepworth, with illustrations by Louise Anglicas

This board book published on 7th January, and is perfect for sharing with toddlers that like to interact with books being read or introduced to them. What are Unicorns made of features a vibrant coloured cover with threads depicting the mane of the unicorn adorning the cover. The rhyming sentences throughout tell of many possibilities unicorns could be made of – all of which are yummy sweet treats and edibles. The illustrations detail the suggested fillings and flavours of the unicorns perfectly, and the narrative builds to wishing a unicorn would appear – and it works! There is a pop up unicorn on the final page, looking all magical and special too. The combination of vibrant coloured illustrations, delicious details of the unicorns that feature, rhyming text, and fun additional details make this perfect for toddlers that enjoy fun adventures, unicorns, joining in with the read, and a feel good experience. Perfect for sharing on the sofa or at bedtime to encourage pleasant dreams, this is an all round perfect share.

I Want to be… a Doctor – illustrated by Richard Merritt

This book is definitely relevant in the current climate, and showcases the work and efforts of a doctor for younger children to understand, enjoy, and learn from. The two page spreads in the book invite readers to turn the book round to see a larger illustration that details specifics to the role of a doctor, and all of the illustrations in the book feature labels to teach children, as well as ensure they understand the relevance of the image. One of a fantastic series (search the I Want to be… series), these books contain a mirror on the final page, enabling readers to see themselves whilst asking if they want to be a doctor when they grow up. The information this book holds, and the illustrations throughout really encourage readers to engage and learn along the way.

I Can Learn My First Colours – Animal World

A board book that teaches little ones colours, this book offers little ones the opportunity to interact via the spinner found in the front cover. With each colour that features on a page there is an animal of that colour on the spinners to find, for example a page details a grey elephant and the spinner features a grey mouse. This book is fun, and will prove incredibly popular with younger ones as they play match the colour, learn animals, and enjoy themselves along the way. A fun filled choice that little ones will absolutely love.

Love makes a Family – by Sophie Beer

This title for younger ones encapsulates every aspect of modern day families, and is vital in giving the right knowledge to the newest generation of board book audiences, and preventing future prejudices in doing so. Each page of the book begins with ‘Love is…’ and is followed up with an example of just what that may be to any given family, and combined with stunningly illustrated scenes depicting those situations or gestures that families find special and significant ensure that younger audiences get an understanding for what is being detailed as well as recognising the respective emotions too. This is a real heart warming, feel good read, that not only brings younger ones a taste of modern day families, but ideas as to what they could do with or for those they love too.

The Touch Book – a sensory book to explore

Featuring 10 textures to touch within this book, this is all about differentiating between textures, and does so by showing younger readers a variety of examples that relate to that which is referenced in illustrative form, and plenty of adjectives are scattered around the pages to help children get a better understanding of a potentially unfamiliar texture. The sensory aspect of this book is invaluable with children that benefit from that sort of stimulate, be it in at home or in school, and the interactive aspect of finding and feeling different examples of texture will definitely prove a huge hit with all youngsters. Allowing audiences to spot images of objects familiar to them such as an apple, and apply the referenced texture to it will ensure that they are learning whilst enjoying the book, and there is no doubt this book will be requested time and time again.

The books featured are all available to purchase from good booksellers now

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