Dyslexia Awareness Week – Day Two – The Big Top Mysteries

The Case of the Vanishing Granny

A fun filled adventure story based around three children that live within the circus community. Billy, Fern and Joe have roles and responsibilities within their family circus and during one circus show they notice a boy sat in the crowd that seems very sad. When they speak to him they find out his granny has disappeared, vanishing from the family home, and he is very worried about her.

Tom – the sad young boy at the circus – shows Billy and Fern where his granny was last seen at home and they follow up a lead to the sweet shop where things get interesting and an adventure ensues. There is sneaking, tree climbing, and lots of dogs that come to the rescue as the trio go all out to discover what happened to granny and rescue her.

This is a fast paced adventure that will definitely entertain and keep the interest of early chapter readers and reluctant readers too. The book has stunning illustrations throughout that immerse the reader into the story and portray the scenes beautifully, allowing the readers imagination to flourish while enjoying this circus based story that definitely makes you think of The Greatest Showman meets Scooby Doo – both hugely popular with children.

  • Written by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Illustrated by Sam Usher
  • Published by Barrington Stoke
  • Publication date – 4th April 2019
  • Interest Age 7-10

The Great Clown Conundrum

The beginning of this book two in the The Big -Top Mysteries series gives an overview of who main characters Billy, Fern and Joe are and their lives in and around the family circus that they live in. This could therefore be a standalone book as much as the second book in an amazing series from author Alexander McCall Smith.

Keen to pick up on mysteries and work them out the trio are eager to please their circus based teacher when he is convinced that someone is sabotaging his clown act within the circus show with some potential custard pie tampering going on. When they start to look into it they learn about their teacher Mr Birdcage’s family life and his relationships within his family, and the adventure to discover the truth and uncover the mystery begins – with sneaking around, investigating and interrogation to name a few of the things the trio get up too.

A quick paced, exciting read that will hook the reader in from early on, and with illustrations that compliment the story perfectly this will undoubtedly prove a huge hit with readers setting off into the world of chapter books, fans of Sherlock Holmes, The Greatest Showman, and Scooby Doo.

  • Written by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Illustrated by Sam Usher
  • Published by Barrington Stoke
  • Publication date – 3rd October 2019
  • Interest Age 7-10

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