The Iron Man

Originally written in 1968, Ted HughesThe Iron Man is still as popular as ever, maybe even more so now because this latest edition features a collaboration with one of the most talented illustrators of our time Chris Mould, and that in itself creates an award winning combination of an inspirational classic story bought to life by phenomenal colour illustrations, so grab your well thumbed copy (especially if you teach The Iron Man as part of your schools curriculum annually – like so many teachers I know) and prepare to give it a well earned rest, because this is without doubt the copy your going to want to own and the version that your students won’t want to put down as for the very first time we have The Iron Man in full glorious colour.

From the stunningly glistening front cover that features copper foil lettering and shadowing to the iconic Iron Man silhouette there isn’t any single turning of a page that won’t leave you delighted by the content and sheer detailing, and leave you admiring everything you see. The end pages look like blue prints that the Gods might use for something intricate and amazing which is exactly what this is, and as you head further into the book you maintain that thought process throughout.

Making a great gift for a long-time fan of the classic title, this gorgeous colour illustrated edition in hardback is a must have and will equally leave those new to the title spellbound. If you were looking for the perfect book to get children hooked into reading then this really is that gem given that it balances the story with illustrations that immerse the reader and allow them to feel connected to the books characters.

As for those that routinely enrich class loads of children with this iconic work by Ted Hughes, this is the edition your students will truly benefit from imaginatively, which then positively impacts their creative writing and art skills massively too, in short this is the edition you have always dreamt of whilst using earlier versions. The detail each sketched illustration pays to The Iron Man captivates your mind, tricking your senses into hearing the mechanics whirring and the metal grinding. You really do get a sense of the sheer size of the iron giant when you see him in illustrations towering over cars and lampposts in the street or stood beside trees.

There is an high quality feel to this book, from the cover design to its A4 sizing, and the breath taking illustrative work on every page within. The pages also feature illustrated text that I immediately recognise as Chris Mould as soon as I see it as will so many others, just like on the pages of other titles he has collaborated on prior to this. This text gives the book a fun appeal which will definitely engage those children that are more reluctant in reading.

This book has massive appeal and is breath takingly impressive to browse the pages, read the story for the first time or revisit an old and familiar friend in this books Iron Giant. A great story to share, and a brilliant edition to use for school topic work, I cannot wait to add this title to my school library next term knowing it will be a hugely popular title, having already made staff I work with aware that this new full colour edition has been published, as we are one of those schools that visits this story with Year Three every academic year, with the children making some phenomenal art work based on the story and undoubtedly more likely to enjoy and envisage if they have access to this version of the text. I cannot recommend this title enough for library and topic book stock. After 51 years in publication, and becoming such a symbolic title it really is a testament to the quality of the story that this stunning full colour edition has been published, which has everything you need to start up a reading tradition within the family or a book group in the library.

Further information can be found here, where you can also purchase the book directly from the publisher – Faber & Faber, RRP £16.99 (HB).

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