The Bad Luck Lighthouse

The second book in the Seth Seppi series this is the phenomenal The Bad Luck Lighthouse which follows on from the award winning The Last Chance Hotel where we met main character Seth and his pet cat called nightshade. So much happened in book one that makes returning to the characters both heart warming and fun, a bunch of misfits that come together at the right moment.

Split into five parts The Bad Luck Lighthouse picks up with Seth as the owner of The Last Chance Hotel and a keen novice in the world of magic. His attempts at magic end in hilarious failure leading to much frustration for Seth which fuels his decision to head through a portal created and used by Inspector Pewter that leads to a stunning hotel within a lighthouse that boasts room service and relaxation, at least they were the alluring terms used by Pewter which sound too tempting to miss out on and now here he is, marooned on an island with a storm heading right for it and only the lighthouse itself to take cover in. Under the guise of being the newly appointed kitchen boy Seth is shown around and introduced to people. The layout and interior design of the lighthouse is detailed vividly and conjures fabulously detailed images in the readers imagination. Things aren’t as he was lead to believe and instead he realises he was stumbled into a place shrouded in mystery with the potential that magic plays a part and not a chance of being waited on either.

The suspense grows as author Nikki Thornton builds up the tension to the murder itself detailing concerned people unable to access a locked bathroom at the top of the lighthouse -all the while the storm intensifying outside, adding to the dramatic scenes unfolding.

Before long, theories are created by Seth and other characters in the story – of which there is a helpful guide at the front of the book which helps you keep track of who is who – and the reader begins to form their own ideas on what happened during the storm and whether anyone is responsible for the murder, nothing obvious being given away throughout the chapters.

There is magic used within the book as would be expected after the antics of book one and it makes this such a compelling read, written with such an authentic magical feel that readers will connect to having seen/heard similar in films/tv/books and undoubtedly ensures this series is the go to choice for murder mystery with this unique feel to contributive factors as much as the chosen crime solvers. Grabbing you entirely by surprise the interactions with magic have you sitting on the edge of your seat and potentially back to square one as to who you would now think is ultimately responsible, reminiscent of a game of Cluedo where the further in you go the more certainty you have as to what actually happened with the odd wrong assumption in the middle.

The shocks and surprises do not stop coming right up to the very end of the book and this keeping you on your toes mentality makes this book so interesting to read, taking you along for quite a journey which sees Seth become more confident in himself and his capabilities as well as a more solid team form from the dangers and darkness they have faced.

The bad luck lighthouse published by Chicken House on 4th July priced at £6.99.

The last chance hotel published by Chicken House on 7th June priced at £6.99.

A sample of the start of the book is available to view which can be found here, there was also a fantastic Q and A session with author Nikki Thornton which can be found here and you can read all about “Shed-envy” through Nicki’s guest post on this blog tour here.

A massive thank you to Chicken House and Nicki Thornton for offering me a slot on what has been a fantastic tour to follow and be included in.

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