2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – November

The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks by Emily Kenny

  • Published by Rock the Boat

After being sent to boarding school Alice is surprised when a seagull stops for a chat, at first Alice thinks she’s imagining it but after an encounter with the school cat Alice knows she’s not going crazy. 

Alice is autistic and used to being on her own, but having made 2 friends she knows she will need their help to work out what’s going on with the animals. 

Alice is a brilliant autistic heroine that hopefully will show other autistic children that you don’t have to feel embarrassed by being autistic, that there are people out there that you can call friends and that you aren’t alone.

I would love to see another outing for Alice and friends.

The Last Storyteller by Donna Barba Higuera

  • Published by Piccadilly Press

Petra loves spending time with her grandmother, she tells the best stories, and these are true stories.

But Earth is destroyed by a comet, and Petra’s family are among the few who have been chosen to start a new life on a distant sun. Unfortunately her grandmother is left behind and of course Petra is devastated.

But to get there everyone is put into a deep sleep, that will last over 300 years.

And when they awake they discover all is not what it seems, earth is a distant memory.

But Perta still loves the stories her grandmother used to tell.

To save everyone Petra needs to start to retell these stories.

This is such an interesting concept. I loved this idea, my favourite part of the book is the scenes when Petra is meant to be in a deep sleep but she is completely aware of what is happening.

I love how the author brings to our attention the importance of family stories passing on through the older generation to the younger generations.

The Light Thieves by Helena Duggan

  • Published by Usborne

Would you trust a billionaire or a boy to save the world? This is the question the book asks you on the cover, now I’m not one for spoilers so I’m not going to tell you what I think but I was right.

The earth has shifted on its axis and a black mark is left on the sun, this leaves the world in peril.

A billionaire tech wiz has a plan…

Grian’s sister has run off and he’s convinced that she’s gone to save the world but when he goes to rescue her all is not what it seems.

There are massive secrets, what is the mysterious area 13, why does Harold Hanson want all these people for? And most importantly what is happening to the sun?

To find the answer to these questions you need to read this book.

The light thieves is the first of a new action packed adventure by the author of a place called perfect series.

This book is imaginative, quirky and fun to read, but it will also get you thinking about our natural word and the sun.

The Secret in the Tower by Andrew Beattie

  • Published by Sweet Cherry

2022 has been an amazing year for children’s literature. Just when you think you have your top ten of books for the year another comes along and you find yourself changing everything.

I really hope that we decide not to do a BookBound top ten of 2022 because I won’t be able to do it! This would definitely be one of them though, that is for sure.

This book is amazing and it was read in one sitting.

In 1485 Richard 111 was king of England. And Henry Tudor’s invasion looms.

Jack Broom thinks the war has nothing to do with him, he’s just a boy dreaming of becoming a surgeon. But suddenly he’s mistaken for someone else and that’s when the trouble begins.

Narrowly escaping the tower of London, Jack must find out the truth of who he really is. When Jack befriends Alice he now has help and someone who he can trust. So please read this book to discover who Jack is and what relationship he is to Richard, discover and love Alice’s bravery and enjoy her cheerfulness.

This is such an amazing story. This is based on true life characters and true life events.

Richard Plantagenet really lived and he was 9 years old when his father died and his brother became king, but his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester locked the boys up in the tower and declared himself king.

The two boys in the tower of London were never heard of again.

This is a must read of 2022.

The Lucky Bottle – Written and Illustrated by Chris Wormell

  • Published by David Fickling Books

After a terrible storm 10 year old Jack finds himself on a mysterious island.

There he meets Robinson, a man who has been living by himself on the island for 19 years. Robinson helps Jack to adjust to live on the island, but where Robinson is happy to live on the island Jack isn’t.

When they find a witches spell book Jack starts to believe he might actually be able to go home.

But before he can try to get home Jack must face sea monsters, sharks, whales and pirates.

But what will happen to Robinson and will Jack ever get home.

I really loved this book, I can picture the island in my mind and what I would do to it.

The illustrations are wonderful.


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