James Campbell

Every now and again I try and write something serious. I might be doing it now. Yes, I am. I’m about to try and write a serious and informative blog about why humour is important….

But then what happens is that I end up making it silly in some way. Probably by imagining how many giraffes you could comfortably fit in a lorry if you laid them end to end and they didn’t mind of course. And what sorts of conversations they would have with each other.

I think most children’s books are funny probably because that way children remember them. I think that’s what makes my school visits and workshops memorable too.

The only things I can remember from primary school are the days when something funny happened; the trips; the visitors and the times when something went wrong.

So why not make children laugh when they are learning?

If you like the Boyface books, then you might also like:

Mr Gum by Andy Stanton

Penny Dreadful by Joanna Nadin

My Zombie Goldfish by Mo O’Hara

The Treehouse Series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Loki by Louie Stowell

Grimwood by Nadia Shireen


As soon as I read James’ piece above I thought fondly of the times I have had the fortune to be in his presence, echoing his sentiment of how you remember the funny, out of the ordinary, special experiences you have within the daily grind. I was a parent volunteer the first time I got to see first hand the magic that happens when James visits a school and hosts a workshop. Children were laughing out loud, uncontrollably as they did an activity with James in the school library using whiteboards. That was the first time I had seen children having so much fun whilst in school, and still learning.

I have also had the pleasure of hosting James at the primary school I previously worked in, and again the children had an incredible time. James became a legend, and his books stood the testament of time, six years later and they were just as sought after by new students to the school as those who had theirs signed him. I also saw the raw talent that James has for LOL children’s books come to life at several book events that an entire catchment of primary schools got to enjoy, and the audience of children and parents alike all enjoyed the sessions – and that has to be in part because for us parents there is nothing better to see then our children having fun, smiling and giggling, and getting inspired too.

There are so many things that children worry about and fear, so to offer them escapism in a book that has a feel good vibe throughout, and many LOL moments along the way is invaluable in childhood, and to all children too. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of the Boyface series you are missing out.


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