The Faber Book of Bedtime Stories

  • Written by Various Authors
  • Illustrations by Sarah McIntyre
  • Published by Faber

What a truly beautiful book. I felt so honoured when I was chosen to be part of this book tour. When the book arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Now I still read bedtime stories to my children so we read a few every night, and these were really lovely stories.

As I flicked through the author’s that had written the stories I recognised some of them, and others were new to me. When Bethany from Faber asked me which author I wanted to host I told her that I couldn’t possibly choose and could she choose for me. I was delighted with Lou Kuenzler and her story was one of my favourites. She wrote the brilliant story ‘ Do you want to Swap?’

As a librarian I was delighted that her story was set in a school. We meet Meg and her class who have a new teacher Miss Miro who seems a little different to other teachers. She has a pointy hat and sometimes it seems sparks come out of her pen. When a strange crate arrives in school the children are eager to see what is inside. Inside the crate there’s a magical creature for each of the children, but being at the back of the line Meg is unsure what she will get.

When the other children get unicorns and dragons Meg is disappointed to get a Swamp Monster. Will Meg realise how wonderful the Swamp Monster is compared to the other’s? Will Meg accept her creature? And will the Swamp Monster stay or go? Well you really will have to read the book to find out.

There are some other amazing stories including a story about a Goldfinch, a story about a safari and a dinosaur story. These stories will fill you with optimism and positivity. There will be a special story for every member of the family. The authors are some well known ones and others are rising stars, all of whom belong to the Faber family. As a big fan of Sarah McIntyre, the book includes amazing art work throughout the book that adds to the enjoyment of the book.

I was lucky enough to have had a Q&A with Lou Kuenzler and she told me about her story.

Tell us about your story

My story, Do You Want To Swap, is all about a class of school children who are given magical creatures to look after for the day. Some get sparkling unicorns, others are put in charge of fabulous fiery dragons. Meg gets a small damp Swamp Monster. Can her disappointment turn to delight before the day is done?

What was your favourite bedtime story as a child?

I loved Kenneth Graham’s The Wind In The Willows and still have my treasured copy today. I especially enjoyed the long, long run-together list of all the wonderful food Ratty was bringing to the picnic. I practiced trying to read the delicious menu aloud in a single breath.

If you only buy one book this Christmas, then this is the one I would recommend.


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