Perfect Picture Books to Share – November (Part One)

As 2022 starts to draw to a close both myself and fellow BookBound blogger, Helen, have joined forces for this months Perfect Picture Books, to bring you twice the content and twice the perspective too. Here are our picks to kick off November :


Can I Play? by Nicola Kinnear

  • Published on 13th October 2022

This is such a beautiful way to portray the friendship issues little ones have when they initially find themselves with others around them that are looking to make friends and join in too. The story is that of a dog called George who lives on an island, all by himself, and he keeps busy doing a variety of activities throughout his days. Little ones will enjoy following George as has lots of fun, and become curious as George follows little clues that indicate the presence of someone else on his island. That someone else is a playful Seal, and initially George is against the idea of playing together, and being in each others company, and the pair part ways after an argument.

George begins to miss the Seal, and observes her needing some help when she is being picked on by dolphins, and so George goes to the rescue of his friend, yes friend, because George has come to realise that he misses the Seal, and enjoyed her company after all, and so they compromise with the activities that they do together, and they enjoy themselves together as friends.

There’s No Such Thing As… Mermaids by Lucy Rowland and Katy Halford

  • Published in Paperback on 7th July by Scholastic

Oh my! This book is an absolute must for little ones who like the magic and mystery of Mermaids, and who are curious about them too. We join in the search for evidence of their existence with a young girl who has been told by her older sister that they aren’t real. The little girl is persistent in her search for proof, looking in all the places you would think a Mermaid might possibly be, all of which have water at their location. The determination of the little girl pays off at the end of the book, when along with her sister she does see a Mermaid, and they spot a stunning one at that.

The book is illustrated with all the colours and style that you would want in a Mermaid themed picture book, truly bringing the magical aspects of this theme to life on the page, and there is so much detail and depth to each page that little ones will get lost inside this book for hours just spotting all there is to see.


Dear Grandpa

  • Written by Kate Simpson
  • Illustrations by Ronojoy Ghosh
  • Published by Allen and Unwin

Henry lives a long way from his Grandpa, over 2,000 kilometres away.

But Grandpa knows that even from a long distance, love can be closer than you think.

This story shows the love between a child and their grandparent, and shows that even if you are far away the bond and love will always be there.

This book is written in the style of letters and shows that in the age of technology letter writing is still important.


  • Written and Illustrated by Jess McGeachin
  • Published by Allen and Unwin

From the tiniest beetle to the most majestic whale every creature on Earth is important.

This book celebrates the wonder of all the world’s creatures.

It takes a look at various animals and includes a rhythm about the animals.

Though a picture book this also comes under non fiction.

I’m (almost) Never Bored

  • Written by Anna Milbourne
  • Illustrations by Asa Gilland
  • Published by Usborne

When I was going up we never had computers, phones or tablets. We had to make our own fun which usually meant going outside.

Nowadays children don’t seem to spend as much time doing that, often they are on a screen or a phone.

 This is what happens in this story, when her screen time is cut short she thinks she has nothing to do. But with encouragement from her dad she learns to use her imagination. Soon a cardboard box becomes a train, and she’s having a great time.

In a world where children find their entertainment at the touch of a button, it’s important to be bored.

This is a really useful story that has enchanting characters.

With holes in the pages you will be able to jump into the girls imaginary world.

First Festivals : Diwali, and Christmas

  • Published by Ladybird

 Both these books are brilliant in explaining different festivals to young children, we get to take a close look inside these festivals to see how different families celebrate.

These are board books that are ideal for little hands.


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