2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – October (Part 3)

Libby and the Parisian Puzzle by Jo Clarke

  • Illustrated by Becky Moor
  • Published by Firefly Press

Libby has always wanted to solve mysteries.

Libby is sent to boarding school , but not just any boarding school this one is very different, this one travels around the world.

It’s run by her aunt, and she’s not sure what to expect.

Very soon she gets friends and is settled then the unthinkable happens her aunt is accused of a horrible crime, Libby and her friends must work together and quickly to clear her aunt’s name.

This is an amazing debut book. It has a good feeling about it.

It’s great to see a blogger publish a book, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by A.F Steadman

  • Published by Simon and Schuster

This book had so much excitement on Twitter that I couldn’t wait to read it.

The title alone pipped my interest.

So when I did get my hands on it I was amazed how big it was. It was nearly 400 pages long.And im quite fond of long books.

When you open the book you are greeted with a couple of amazing maps, there’s nothing I like more in a book than a map. then you come to the prolong which gives you background information. This is always handy in a book

When you get to chapter one the action starts straight away and you become hooked as you need to know what is going to happen to Skandar.

We learn what is going to happen in the chaos cup.

We then follow Skandar as he goes to work with unicorns.

But his unicorn and himself are different to the people and unicorns that usually train. And it’s not long before Skandar begins to question if he should really be there at all…

This is an amazing debut and there is more books to come in the series which I’m looking forward to.

Edie and the Flits in Paris by Kate Wilkinson

  • Illustrations by Joe Berger
  • Published by Piccadilly Press

I loved the first book in the series, this was when we got to meet Edie and we were introduced
to the flies, the flies reminded me of an updated and modern version of the borrowers.
These are very small magical beings that you can see until you turn 13.
This book centres on a trip to Paris, Edie and her best friend are going but have to take her
friends little sister. The sister smuggled the flies in her pocket and into Paris. And of course we
can all imagine what happens next. The another part of the story focus on the fact that Edie is
getting towards 13, so we are able to see different emotions and feelings that Edie experiences
getting towards that age. But we also get to see the excitement that young Sami experiences
when she discovers them.
This is an action packed adventure, but it’s also a very gentle story.
This truly is a magical story about noticing the small things in life.

Rosie Raja by Sufiya Ahmeb

  • Published by Bloomsbury

Rosie and her father have always lived in India,  until they have to move to England,  where Rosie really dislike the weather. 

She’s not completely sure what her father actually does for a living until she over hears someone saying he’s a spy for Winston Churchill. 

Not wanting to be left in England when her father has to travel for his job, Rosie hatches a plan to go with him.

Before Rosie knows what is happening she finds herself drawn into the resistance. 

Rosie must work out who she can and can’t trust. 

I love stories set during the war and every story I’ve read comes from a completely different angle.

This book comes from Rosie point of view,  a child coming from India and I love her thoughts of England 

This is the first book I’ve read that looks at the work spy’s did during the war and how dangerous there job was. 

This will be an excellent book for children studying WW2.

The Whisperling by Hayley Hoskins

  • Published by Puffin

So what is a Whisperling, well a Whisperling is a person who can speak to the dead.

The year is 1897 and Peggy can speak to ghosts, it’s a gift that is people are afraid off, so it’s kept hidden.

When her best friend is accused of murdering her employer Peggy knows she is the only one able to help,  but the more she investigate the closer her friend gets to the gallows.

This is one if those books that pulls you in and won’t let go until the very end.

The plot is unique and I’ve never read anything like it before. 

In places it can be quite dark, and children who like authors such as Jennifer Killick will love this book.

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