Gross Factopia – Follow the Trail of 400 Foul Facts

  • Published by Britannica Books
  • By Paige Towler
  • Illustrated by Andy Smith

In my school there is a year 4 lad who really doesn’t enjoy reading, just before the summer holiday he got into gross non fiction, when I say gross he likes books on bogies, poo that kind of thing. Unfortunately there is a limit on how many books I can recommend, so when I had this delivered to review I took this in to show him. Together we looked at the book and after a while I asked him what his favourite page was. He settled on page 111 which shows a picture of a man with maggots in his mouth.

By now we had a crowd of people around us, all interested in this book.

Did you know a man from London set a world record for moving more than 17kg of maggots around only using his mouth.


He was so interested in this book that he asked to borrow it. I explained that I needed this book for a day or two so I could write this up. I explained that I needed the book in front of me so I knew what I was talking about.

Myself and his teacher are so desperate to get him reading that I’m going to give him this book to keep. I know he will enjoy this book and will read it from page to page, and this book deserves to be read by someone who loves it, and it will get him reading.

What I like about this book is that it is ideal for reluctant readers. It’s bright, and eye-catching, and more importantly it’s interesting. It jumps from subject to subject which holds children’s interest.

Britannica books should be delighted with this series, I know I am, and so is a young lad who is getting a brand new book to love, I bet he tells me loads of gross facts!


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