Brrr! by Kes Gray

  • Published by Hodder Children’s Books on 13th October 2022 (Paperback)
  • Beautifully Illustrated by Nick East

In this house we know Kes Gray for his Daisy and the Trouble with series, which my daughter grew up enjoying immensely, so much so she wrote her very own Daisy story! I still remember her proud she was of that story when she took it to school to share with the librarian, and we still have the story to this day. That is how you can truly tell a book has resonated with the intended reader, when they are inspired enough they create something that ties in with what they have read. Brrr! will be the latest of Kes’ books to publish, and I could tell immediately that it will appeal to many younger readers, and inspire the newest generation of readers along the way, just like his other books have for my children and millions of children around the world.

Brrr! tells the story of how dinosaurs face ever colder temperatures, and are desperate to survive them, and as more and more snow falls it is the suggestion of one small dinosaur that could hold all the answers they are looking for, there is only one small problem, they require the help of the T-Rexes!

As we all know, and as little ones will see for themselves, T-Rexes aren’t thought of as the caring, considerate, team player types, and instead they are known as the top of the food chain, the predator of all predators where dinosaurs are concerned, and when the idea is put to them to help all of the dinosaurs survive the freezing temperatures they refuse. It is only when they also feel the impact of the biting cold that they agree to help, by knitting wool garments for the others and themselves. They start with jumpers (even making festive ones!) and then move on to other items the other dinosaurs request. It helps, but not for long because the temperatures continue to drop, so they even knit the dinosaurs houses!

The idea of that one single little dinosaur may yet save them all, and I love how that is portrayed in this book, alongside the theme of inclusivity because regardless of the shape, size, or dietary preferences of the dinosaurs they all come together and unite for the same cause, surviving the deep freeze. This is such a lovely way to promote these two important messages to younger children, and inspire them with the bravery of that one little dinosaur that approached the T-Rexes alone, and the kindness they all show one another when it matters.

So, as the tagline on the front cover asks, ‘Where did the dinosaurs really go?’, well lets just say they venture into Space, all thanks to the incredible talents of the T-Rexes, and thus this superb picture book concludes, but not before adding one final bit of humour, so when you consider that this is a picture book that combines themes of Dinosaurs, Global Warming, Space, and a sense of community, all into one story, you wont want to miss out on this latest title from the creator of the Oi Frog series.

The illustrations in this book, by the talented Nick East, are striking in both detail and colour. They compliment the story perfectly as they portray the scenes that are unfolding, and give younger children so much to observe as they follow along to this unforgettable adventure, and breathes life into prehistoric dinosaurs using a modern envisioning.


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