A Fantastic Round Up of Graphic Novels, chosen by a Special Young Reader

What better way to get an insight into books that appeal to young readers then to ask a young reader – which exactly what BookBound Blogger, Helen Byles, has done for today’s content on the blog. These mini reviews have been written by Helen’s 12yo Old Son, and given that Graphic Novels are quite niche it is all the more invaluable to get the intended readers perspective.

Investigators Series

  • Written by John Patrick Green
  • Published by Macmillan Books

I love a graphic novel. As a child who sometimes could be called a reluctant reader I find these books more interesting.

They hold my attention and I find them funny.

I enjoy this particular series because the characters are funny and interesting.

The stories are mostly told with speech bubbles. There are only a couple of characters so it’s easier to remember who is who.

The stories are always fast paced.

The pictures are bright and colourful which add to the reading experience. 

Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots

  • Written by Phil Coomey
  • Published by Little Tiger

This book has parts of a graphic novel in it. There are a few more words in this book but some of the style is of a graphic novel.

It tells the story of stick boy and his friends who live in a little town.

Strange things are happening in the town and stick boy must deal with a secret library, snakes, robots and an evil plan.

The font is bigger than other books and the illustrations are in colour.

It was a good read.

Mega Robo Bros 4 – Meltdown

  • Written by Neil Cameron
  • Published by David Fickling Books

When evil Wolfram returns with a plan to wipe out all humans it becomes a mega mission for the Mega Robo Bros.

I was hooked by page 7, I kept on reading because I needed to know what happened next, it was non-stop action.

In the style of a graphic novel all the action and story line are done through speech.

From my favourite magazine The Phoenix.

Barry Loser, Total Winner

  • Written by Jim Smith
  • Published by Farshore

I love Barry Loser, and to discover there is now a graphic novel of it was truly amazing.

Of course it was funny, and of course I was caught chuckling out loud.

Again the story is told through speech bubbles, and the font in the book is really big.

I hope there are more of these books.


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