Fantastic titles from Flying Eye Books

No Such Thing

  • Written and Illustrated by Ella Bailey

Before we know it Halloween will be upon us, and we will be thinking
of trick and treating.
Well Georgia has more on her mind, strange things keep happening
and she needs to get to the bottom of it. She finds a simple
explanation for all the strange happens but is it really ghosts messing
With a ghost to find on each page this book will certainly entertain
young and old children.

Passionate About Penguins

  • Written and Illustrated by Owen Davey

Did you know that Penguins can hold there breath under water for
30 minutes, no I didn’t either. They can also swim 4 times faster
than a Olympics swimmer. Interesting isn’t it.
This books tells you everything you need to know about Penguins,
from the different types of Penguin, to where they live in the world.
The book contains a life sized picture of a Penguin and life sized egg.
We get to see the different stages of their life, how their feathers
work and how they move. The illustrations are detailed and aid with
the explanation of what is happening.
A must for all wildlife lovers.

A Day That’s Ours

  • Written by Blake Nuto
    Illustrations by Vyara Boyadjieva.

If you could do anything with your dad on the day before you head
back to school what would you do?
Maybe go to the park, feed the ducks, have lunch in town, it could be
anything you want.
This is exactly what happens in this story, a man and his child decide
to spend the last day before school doing exactly what they want.
It’s a beautiful story about love, and taking the time to be together.

Alcatoe and the Turnip Child

  • Written and illustrated by Isaac Lenkiewicz

Alcatoe is the one witch of Plum Woods, who is prepared to use her magic for mischief.

The village is getting ready to celebrate the vegetable growing contest, and the children enlist Alcatoe to help make the biggest turnip, what could possibly go wrong!

I really found this fun to read, there is hardly any writing, with the pictures mainly telling the story.

Curse of the Chosen :

Volume 1 A matter of life and death

Volume 2 The will that shapes the world

  • Written by Alexis Deacon

This is a truly remarkable graphic novel series.

An evil sorceress casts a spell sending the community into a tailspin left fighting for survival.

This is a mind blowing series, with gripping action, and a supernatural storyline full of fantasy worlds.

I would recommend this series to older children.


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