Early Chapter Books to Enjoy

Super Questers, The Case of the Stolen Sun

When a group of friends unite to solve a science problem they are amazed to turn into superheroes. They find themselves in a world of adventure and quests. Only there not doing the quests, you are. 

It’s your mission to track down Lord Grumble and his band of Snapettes. You need to return the stolen sun to Questland. 

A group of friends discover that if they hold hands and think very hard they can do anything they put their minds to.

This book uses STEM SKILLS in this story so will a child is reading the book and doing the activities they will be learning to use their thinking skills, their collaboration skills and their communication skills., this will also develop their team work and co operations skills.At the back of this book their is an explanation of STEM SKILLS for parents. 

This book has very well illustrations, and this book includes diverse and relatable characters. 

This book includes reusable stickers with more available online.

Neon’s Secret Universe

Written by Sibéal Pounder 

  • Illustrations by Sarah Warburton 
  • Published by Bloomsbury

We all have a picture in our minds of but unicorns look like, mine are white and yellow. 

But what if the horse like creatures are actually a disguise made up to foil humans and to keep what unicorns actually look like a secret?

Well this is actually what happens in this short chapter book.

This will be an ideal read for all unicorn lovers, with amazing illustrations throughout the book, this is an ideal book for children aged 6 and above.

Aziza’s secret Fairy door And the mermaids treasure

  • Written by Lola Morayo
  • Illustrations by Cory Reid 
  • Published by Macmillan

This is the fourth bookmark the series for 6 plus.

This is a magical based series featuring characters from mythology.  When Aziza is just about to go on holiday she find s sand and fairy dust all over her bedroom,  before long she goes through the magic door into the magical world and into another adventure. 

This is a lovely book for children who are trying to become independent readers, the font is larger and there are a lot of bold illustrations in the book. I hope there are many more books to come in this series .

Unicorn Seekers

  • Published by Scholastic

Children need something to read when picture books no longer challenge them. They need something to develop their reading skills. 

They move on to short chapter books of which this is an ideal example of one.

The chapters are short and the font is larger than normal, and the book will have a lot of illustrations. 

Then the subject of the book needs to interest the child, and I don’t know any girls who do not like unicorns. 

In this book we meet an ordinary girl Elodie who discovers unicorns are real and they need protecting. So with a group of new friends they work together to protect these marvellous creatures. 

In your mind’s eye you can clearly see the unicorn and imagine yourself touching it.

This book will leave new readers wanting more.

Wilder than Midnight 

  • Published by Puffin 

For fans of Cerrie Burnell looking for a longer read recommendation try this book, we follow three girls who though they haven’t met yet, they have a lot in common and eventually their lives will intertwine and they will change their kingdoms life forever. 

This is a wonderful read, full of hope, courage and adventure. This is a really good read, and I was able to finish it in two sittings.

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