The Feeling Good Club

Helen (@helenbyles)

Everyone goes through change during their lifetimes and some handle it better than others. Currently  children across the country are waiting to head back to school, some might be starting school for the first time and others are starting high school. This can cause a lot of worries and stress for children and not everyone knows how to cope with it.

With this book children and adults will learn that feelings and worries are perfectly normal and there are things they can do to help themselves.

This story is written in the style of a journal and follows Bella as she deals with her best friend moving away.

She is also dealing with a big worry, a talk at school. When she is put with two other children from her class we see a shoot of friendship begins between them.

They form a new club where feelings and worries are discussed.

After the story there is a mindfulness activity that can be done.

This is the first of a new series that is going to be popular.

This is going to be ideal for children who need to learn to talk about feelings.

I’m looking forward to reading the next one.

Sam – (@SamJDThomas)

I loved the design of this book from the moment I saw it, as it is written in diary format by the books main character Bella, who has been separated from her best friend, who has moved away with her family. Bella is overwhelmed with sadness, which is often triggered by objects and activities that would normally involve her best friend too, and on top of that she has a talk to give to her class as an activity set by her teacher, which makes Bella very nervous and worried. Feelings are a reoccurring theme in this book, as the title suggests, and Bella finds writing in her journal helpful.

During a special week at school Bella and her classmates explore their feelings and emotions, and in doing so Bella realises how she is feeling is valid, but also that she can not only learn to manage it, and also take how she is feeling and turn it into something beneficial to her. These issues will resonate with readers who face similar scenarios themselves, or know of someone who it does, and subsequently helps them empathise with others that are going through those sorts of things. The illustrations that feature throughout the book make the reading experience more fun, break down the text on the page, and reflect what is occurring in the story so that readers can follow along. The diary format combined with the varying fonts being used, and the awesome illustrations combine to give this book a Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Tom Gates/Dork Diaries vibe, which is brilliant as it allows those suggestions to follow for readers looking for more in this style of book as they wait in anticipation for another title in this series to hopefully publish in the near future.

The Feeling Good Club is published by Little Tiger, and available to purchase from all good booksellers now. Check out the rest of the tour for more reviews via the banner below.

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