Harper the Confidence Fairy

Helen (@helenbyles)

Here at BookBound we like to promote short chapter books, these are ideal for those children that have moved on from picture books but find a MG book too long. Short chapter books always have illustrations, bigger fonts and the chapters tend to be no longer than 4 pages long. One of the most loved short chapter books for girls is the Rainbow Magic Fairy book series. (I do know some boys who are fond of these books.) This is a perfect stepping stone to independent reading. The latest book in the series is about Harper the Confidence Fairy.

Harper also has a condition called Down’s Syndrome. People with this condition tend to be really friendly people and want to help others. Harper likes to help people feel confident and she uses her magical objects and confidence lab to help them. When evil Jack Frost breaks her trust he steals her magic objects. Everyone is filled with self doubt, so it’s up to Rachel and Kirsty to help Harper to find her magical objects and restore confidence to everyone. This is a truly inspiring book that will help young children understand that we are all different and we all have our own talents.

It’s great that books are now featuring disabled characters, and I hope there are many more to come.

Sam (@SamJDThomas)

My daughter was an avid reader of the Rainbow Magic series when she was in primary school, and I still vividly remember the bedtimes we shared some of the books together, with me reading some of the book to her, and then she would proudly read some of it to me too. I went on to buy an entire set of the books for her, and she devoured them all, before moving on to other books as her independent reading continued to improve, her choices inspired by the Rainbow Magic books too. We gifted the books we had amassed from this series to her primary school in the end, and I witnessed first hand as a parent volunteer the books continue to be loved, always being borrowed, never losing their popularity.

So when a copy of Harper the Confidence Fairy arrived in the post from the publishers I was delighted that my now 16 year old daughter was as interested in it as me, because these books really are magical in the way they connect to readers, and the inclusivity this book offers from Harper having Down’s syndrome allows even more children the opportunity to connect with this series. Readers aged 5+ will love the three stories that have Harper at the heart of them, generously using her magic to help others be more self confident, and faced with the traditional bad guy, Jack Frost, who betrays her trust and steals her three magical objects.

Harper isn’t alone in her plight though, as with the other titles in the series Kirsty and Rachel are on hand to help, and the power of friendship and kindness is central to the girls success, which will resonate with readers as they will the trio to beat Jack Frost at his own game, and retrieve Harper’s items. The illustrations that feature throughout the book help the intended audience of young readers follow the adventure as it unfolds, and allows their imaginations to flow as they picture the scenes that are illustrated, picking out the details that are being described in the text.

Rainbow Magic has always been a special series because children often find the fairy that shares the same name as them as the first of the books they read, with best friends Kirsty and Rachel offering continuity throughout, and it is as heart warming as it is invaluable to see Down’s syndrome being represented by such an inspirational character, Harper, and bring a positive awareness to the condition.

It’s been lovely to watch Harper come to life and spread her wings, and to see her spark excitement from fairy fans everywhere, especially those who find they have a little something extra in common with her. Having a character with Down’s syndrome in such a popular mainstream series is such an important step forward for inclusion, representation, and education

– Hayley, founder of Downs Side Up

Harper the Confidence Fairy is published on 1st September by Orchard Books. For further insight into this amazing book check out the rest of the blog tour via the banner below.

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