Fabulous Board Books for Little Ones to Enjoy

Peekaboo Baby

This is a gorgeous new addition to the Peekaboo series, all of which are perfect for gifting to new parents and new babies alike. This book features ten sliders to reveal various things to little ones as you incorporate this book with a game of peekaboo, including a bath time duck, a baby in a pram, a flower in its pot, and so much more, ending with a slider that reveals a mirror for little ones to see themselves in. There are lots of interactive elements to this book, which combined with the bold, brightly coloured illustrations is a definite hit for little ones to enjoy.

Where’s Mrs Ladybird?

Little ones can use the felt flaps to discover Mr Caterpillar, Mrs Bee, Mr Snail, and of course Mrs Ladybird! There is also a mirror waiting to be discovered behind the final flap, incorporating children into the books adventure too. I love the bold illustrations that are brightly coloured, as they capture your eye whilst inspiring your imagination.

Make Tracks : Trucks

The cover of this book is so much fun to play around with, and is likely to keep little ones busy at length, and there is an entire book awaiting!

Inside the book is jam packed with facts and details on forklift trucks, a lorry, a car transporter, a monster truck, and a dustbin lorry – perfect for children that love vehicles. Every two page spread features a large illustration of the respective vehicle on the left, with important details labelled, and a counter track on the right to enjoy taking the vehicle counter on a journey. So much fun awaits!

Who’s Hiding?

As soon as I saw this book I was immediately delighted about how invaluable this would be with my two year old nephew who is currently enjoying learning counting repetition of various items, and is also in the process of leaning colours. This book is perfect for counting the various characters that feature on the pages, learning the colours of them, and of course having fun determining which of the characters is hiding on the page, which can be determined by spotting the difference from the page before.

Lionel Eats all by himself

This book is pocket sized, making it perfect for little hands, and taking along on journeys too. As the book progresses so does what Lionel eats whilst sat in his high chair, getting messy along the way! The conclusion of Lionel’s mealtime is equally adorable and humorous, with Lionel finding a different way of cleaning his face along the way!

Lionel Poops

Much like the previous book, this one builds page after page with examples of things that Lionel decides to poop on, ranging from a tennis ball to the Eiffel tower! There is a hilarious ending to this book too, with Lionel also needing to take a wee, and doing so in his potty! Yay!

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