My afternoon with Jack Meggitt Phillips

I was messing around on twitter one day when I came across a
competition to win an author visit from Jack Meggitt Phillips and a
copy of both his books in The Beast and Bethany series. Being a
massive fan of the books I decided to enter. I had to send him a GIF
of something the beast would enjoy eating, so I had a look and found
one with a puppy coming out of a cracker. That made me smile and
thought why not enter that. Then to be honest I completely forgot
about that I’d entered until Jack sent me a DM on twitter.
Both myself and my primary school were delighted and we set about
working a date out.

The children at school were very excited, and I made sure the
teachers read the books as class reads before the visit. As the
children knew I’d already read the books they tried to get spoilers
out of me. But that didn’t work.
We managed to settle on a date in July with Jack and it coincided
with our schools annual reading festival. It worked out that Jack was
going to be the final author bring the event to an close.
The children were getting more excited by the day, some of them
had brought his books to be signed and a local independent
bookshop kindly gave the school a good deal if parents brought both

The day finally arrived, children kept coming to me to check he was
still coming. Finally 1pm arrived.
Year 4 and 5 trooped into the hall to find Jack sitting at the front
waiting for them. One class was a little bit on the drag which made
me laugh as Jack’s super fans were in that class.
When the classes were settled I got ready to introduce Jack but
before I know what was happening Jack had introduced himself and
was already making the children laugh.

He started off by getting the children to write a paragraph on there
happy place. As the afternoon went on I glanced at the other
teachers only to find them covering there faces with paper to hide
there laughter.
The children adored him, my particular favourite part was when he
asked a girl her storyline, only to find she’d killed her brother off in it.
Well the children burst into laughter because we all knew her
brother was also in the audience.
Jack had the children in the palm of his hand, they hung on his every
word. He read a chapter of his book and there is no word to describe
how amazing he was at this, the expression was brilliant and the
character voices out of this world.

We went on to book signings, and he made ever single child feel so
special. He asked them questions about the story and their favourite
character from the book.
He spoke about the next book and gave a tiny spoiler. We learnt
about his writing process and how the first book only took 4 months
to write, the second was a bit longer, we also heard about his love
for exotic tea.
We were all disappointed when it was time for Jack to leave, but I’ve
promised the children I will do everything in my power to have him
back at the school.
So teachers, librarians everywhere please get Jack into your school,
every child needs to experience an afternoon with him.
I’m hoping that his books will be available in audio books and there is
only one person who should narrative it.
So thank you Jack for giving the children the experience of a life time.

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