Lines of Courage

  • Written by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Published by Scholastic on 7th July
  • Suitable for readers aged 12+

2002 has been amazing for books so far, just when you think you have
decided on your top ten then another book comes along and change
everything. This is exactly what has happened to me.
When you look that the cover you know where it’s going to be set, well if
you think it’s going to be WW2 then you will be mistaken its actually set
in WW1, which is a lovely change as most books are set in WW2.
We follow 5 children who are round the same age during the war, we
find that these lives are all linked together by a medal.
So let’s meet the characters, first we meet Felix who’s father is going to
war, then Kara who’s mum is on a ambulance train as a nurse.
Then Juliette who gets separated from her mum and siblings who meets
Dimitri who is an unwilling solider and finally Elsa who just wants to
My favourite character was Kara, I loved to read about her experience
on the ambulance train and how much she wanted to be a red cross
nurse. There was a lot of research that went into this and I found the
work the nurse’s did so fascinating, as you are with that character we
discover just how dangerous There lives were. In your minds eye you
could actually picture it happening. There was alot of heart-breaking
scenes and some sadness but these children were all fighters and never
gave up.
I will hold my hands up and admit that my knowledge of WW1 wasn’t as
good as it should have been and I definitely learnt alot. There are some
parts of this book that covers real life events and I found my self on the
Internet researching parts of this book and finding more information out
about it.
When I go to my librarians meeting, I took this book with me and
recommended it, the day after a lady from that group told me how she
had to read at straight away as it sounded so good. The chapters in this
book are very short which means if you only have a few minutes to
spare you have time for a chapter.

I’ve also recommended it to the Y6 teachers at my school as this would
be a fantastic class read as it shows the war from a different point of
So where does it sit in my top ten of 2022, well I know it was going to be
near the top, and after looking at my top three I decided it has to be joint
first with my two other favourites.

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