Dangerous Remedy, Monstrous Design, and Glorious Poison


  • Written by Kat Dunn
  • Published by Zephyr

I remember sitting in my living room one afternoon looking at my TBR pile and my eyes kept looking at the title of a book- Dangerous Remedy. 

I picked it up and 10 minutes later I was completely hooked. I became friends with a group who called themselves The Battalion of the Dead. 

There was the leader Camille, her girlfriend Ava. Al an aristocrat, and Guil, a deserter from the army.

Together they fought for what is right. 

They are given a mission to capture Olympe a girl who can conduct electricity, only they soon realise that they must protect Olympe.

So over the course of the three books they will need all their strength and bravery to keep Olympe safe, they will have to all do things they don’t want to and work with others who want to harm Olympe.

We get to see what makes them tick, from Avas the overbearing father who will do anything to keep his daughter away from Camille, and we see why Al is the way he is after being disinherited by his wealthy family when they discover he is gay.

As we go on we meet new characters that affect the groups relationship with each other. We become Camille wondering what to do next. We feel the love between Camille and Ava and feel the disgust when Ava’s dad locks her away. We feel the pain Guil suffers for leaving as he did, and we feel glad when Al eventually meets Leon.

It is a roller coaster of a ride following the group and you find yourself at the edge of your seat, wondering if things will start to to go right for the Battalion. 

At points you see no way out for the group of friends, but they stick at it through to the end.

You can imagine yourself in their places, and get a real feeling of what it was like during the French Revolution. You can hear all the sounds of battle, smell the dead bodies and all the fire.

This was always going to be a trilogy, so when I picked up Glorious Poison I knew the end was near. But I know I still had 384 pages of pure joy. As I neared the end I couldn’t see a happy ending for my friends but we got there in the end.

 My advice would be to read them in order, as none of the books were stand alone reads really.

So I’d like to say goodbye to Camille, Ava, Al and Guil, you have given me hours of pleasure, and I truly hope loads more people discover and adore you like I do.

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