Brilliant Board Books

Who’s Tickling Tilly? – Rob Jones

  • Published by Pavilion Children’s on 7th July

The tagline at the top of the front cover is not exaggerating when it states ‘A veeeerrrrry long fold-out book’ because it is one of the longest board books I have come across in a long time! It is great fun to unfold the book whilst uncovering the mystery of who is responsible for tickling tilly, with five different prehistoric areas to look at along the way, as well as many more different dinosaurs too. The opposite side of the concertina pages show dark night time scenes featuring those same characters that can be found in the brighter pages of the daytime on the original side. What is not to love about a book that is not only dinosaur themed, but folds out to be engaging across the entirety of your living rug, or bed, and offers so much for little ones to spot on the pages whilst inspiring their imaginations too.

Animal Families : River – Jane Ormes

  • Published by Nosy Crow on 7th July

I absolutely love this river themed board book that teaches little ones the correct terminology for the male and female of the variety of animals that call rivers their home, and also the correct name for the babies too. The babies can be discovered behind flaps on each page, looking totally adorable, and it is fascinating to see how the male and female appearance differs, along with that of the babies too. At the end of the book we even learn what the collective term for each of the different species is known as, adding to how incredibly informative this book is, and the illustrations that compliment the text really do bring the respective animals to life on the page, with so much attention to detail, making this such a brilliant book to accompany little ones on their outdoor adventures to reference whilst spotting the ducks, dragonflies, and other animals inside along the way.

Where’s Frida Kahlo? – Ingela P Arrhenius

  • Published by Nosy Crow on 7th July

This book features felt flaps to encourage interaction from little ones, and is art themed in content, containing many famous artists for little ones to discover behind the flaps. There is Kahlo, Picasso, Warhol, and others that collectively allow little ones to learn about the art world whilst having fun with the book itself, and enjoying the bold coloured illustrations and pages. I love that the final page asks ‘ and where are you?’ and features a mirror behind the final felt flap because whenever I have shared Ingela P Arrhenius’ books with little ones they have absolutely loved the surprise of seeing themselves included in the book as it concludes. There are many other titles in the where’s… series by Ingela, including Where’s Mr Lion, which won the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book of the Year award in 2017, and they are such incredibly engaging, interactive, fun books to share that I highly recommend as a series too.

We Are The Rainbow! : The Colours of Pride – Claire Winslow

  • Published by Sunbird Books
  • Illustrated by Riley Samels

There is always one good way of telling how good a book is, and that is by how it is received by children the book is intended for, and as soon as I received a copy of this book I have been unable to get my hands on it because it was immediately taken by my little nephew, who has loved it from the get go. The top right corner of the pages are curved, and feature a different colour of the rainbow, which makes this book stand out from others, and fantastic for little hands. Each colour is defined with what it signifies, and features an example to help little ones understand ‘green is for nature. nature means respect for the world around us. when we take care of the world, we take care of ourselves.’ The illustrations are gorgeous, and resonate the message of the book that is inclusivity and unity, and has such a heart warming vibe alongside the positivity that resonates from the pages.

What Can You See? In Space

  • Published by Little Tiger on 4th August

As soon as I saw this book I new it would be perfect for younger children that are starting to take an interest in space and the solar system. I love that it has peep-through pages from the offset, which doubles up as a way to carry the book with little hands too! Readers can expect to blast off into space, and learn about astronauts and their way of living in space, the moon and what it would be like up there, the solar system, the sun, and it concludes with learning about a galaxy too.

There are so many amazing board books available for little ones, and these are certainly at the top of the list of those I would recommend to parents and those picking books to engage younger children in educational settings too.

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