No Sleep for Bear

  • Written and Illustrated by Duncan Beedie
  • Published by Templar Books

Bear has completed all his preparations and is ready to hibernate for the upcoming winter, but try as he may he just cannot successfully fall asleep, so he goes on a walk to try to tire himself out more, and spots other animals going off to sleep, and decides to give their methods a try. Little ones will find it hilarious when they see Bear up in a tree as he copies Bird, and jammed in a burrow as he copies Badger, and day after day Bear copies another animal in an attempt to get some sleep. When he finally follows Frog’s advice to relax it isn’t long before Bear falls asleep, but the other animals are all woken up by his snoring, and then have the difficult task of getting Bear back to his cave so that he is can snore the season away without disturbing them!

I can see how this book will appeal to little ones through the stunning illustrations depicting all of Bear’s antics, and portraying the changing seasons as well as the varying times of day beautifully. This would be the perfect choice for bedtime, especially for those children that have difficulty getting to sleep. The story is very relaxing, with some funny moments to enjoy, and a heart warming ending too.

Duncan Beedie has portrayed the struggle for sleep, and just what lengths you would go to in order to achieve that goal, whether it be to a lesser extent then what bear does, such as making a hot milky drink, reading a book, having a soak in the bath, using lavender pillow spray, etc. I often suffer with insomnia, and can totally relate to Bear’s desire to fall asleep, and I love that this is balanced with some humour within the book, and the ultimate message that relaxing, and not trying to hard to get to sleep, is often what works in the end, as it does for Bear. I have referenced this book, and that exact advice with my son just recently because of the humid nights we are experiencing at present, and the subsequent difficulty he was having in falling asleep. Not longer after he was lightly snoring, finally getting the rest he needed.

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