Once Upon a Fairytale : A Choose-Your-Own Fairytale Adventure

  • Written and illustrated by Natalia and Lauren O’ Hara
  • Published by MacMillan Children Books

Once upon a time there was a hero, a hero who needed help, your help. 

The Queen has asked the hero to help remove a curse, but this fairy tale is very different because its up to you what happens in the story. 

You get to choose how the story progresses,  you can choose where you live, your weapon and transport.  Of course, I chose the flying unicorn. 

This is a beautiful story, I love using these types of books with the children at my school, because books like this encourage the children to laugh together and talk amongst themselves. 

I find that these types of books encourage the teachers to get involved in story time.

When my children were younger I used these books all the time, now there older they don’t want that so much, but as soon as they saw this book we sat down as a family and read it and made their choices. 

Turns out your never to old to enjoy fairy tales.

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