2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – June (Part Two)

21% Monster

  • Written by P.J Canning
  • Published by Usborne on 7th July 2022

When teenager Darren is arrested for destroying his school with his bare hands Darren’s life suddenly changes. 

14 year old Marek enters his life, Marek is 19% alien, and the most intelligent person in the world. He’s also the most wanted person in the world. 

Marek’s job is to tell Darren the truth, which is that Darren is 21% monster, and the people after him are the people who created him, and there out to destroy him. So Darren and Marek must work together to try and stop them. Which means always being one step ahead of everyone else. 

This was an amazing book, its very unique and different to every other book I’ve ever read. I loved the characters and the relationship between Darren and his sister Daisy was truly beautiful. 

The plot is action packed and its none stop action, there’s never a dull moment.  I loved how the book ended up on a cliff hanger, which has left me desperate to read the next book.

This book is perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz, and Rick Riordan.

The next book is due out in 2023, and I know the wait will be worth it. 

How to Train your Dad

  • Written by Gary Paulsen
  • Published by Macmillan

The only way to describe this book is hilarious. 

Carl is 12 years old and he is seriously fed up with his dad, his dad is very clever but he likes to go bin diving, going through people’s rubbish and making his son wear pink dungarees brought from a garage sale.

So Carl hatches a plan to retrain his dad using a puppy training leaflet.  Of course it doesn’t all go to plan especially when his dad nearly kills his best friend. 

I read this out loud to my children, there were places where I couldn’t stop laughing and had to leave the book for a couple of minutes. 

At times while I was reading I caught the boys looking at my husband and you could just see these ideas going through their mind. 

I could see this being made into a comedy film and I know I’d watch it. 

Wilderlore, The Accidental Apprentice

  • Written by Amanda Foody
  • Published by Simon and Schuster

To start with the cover is brilliant and makes you want to pick it up straight away. 

Barclay is a apprentice mushroom farmer, life isn’t very exciting for him, until he accidentally breaks his village most important rule, never ever go into the woods.  He accidentally bonds with a beast and now must journey to find some help. 

After braving a apprentice exam and adventure he needs to decide wherever or not to go back or stay with his beast and new friends. 

This promises to be the start of an amazing series.

S.T.E.A.L.T.H Access Denied

  • Written by Jason Rohan
  • Published by Nosy Crow 

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this book is.

It starts as a normal school day for three teenagers Arun, Donna and Sam.  That is until Arun scientist dad is kidnapped, so of course the teenagers decide the police aren’t up to the job, even MI6 are struggling to find him.

So off they go with the police way behind them. I’m not going to spoil the plot but there are some memorable parts of the book, my favourite is Donna driving the police car with the police constable in the back of the car.

I have to say that my favourite character is DI Moss and he has some brilliant exchanges with Donna.

I like how this is written with every chapter begin at a certain time.

This is the start of a fabulous series and I can’t wait to read there next adventure. This is action packed with something happening on each page.

I have a feeling this will be a massive hit with reluctant boy readers.

This is perfect for fans of Alex Rider.

The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle

  • Written by Hannah Foley
  • Published by Kelpies

Avery Buckle has always known she is different to others, the fact she has a tail might have something to do with it. 

She’s half girl, half cat. Maybe the last of her kind. She doesn’t have a real family and few friends.  All she wants is to discover who she really is. 

Turns out she is special and she’s needed. She’s needed because she’s the only one who can stop dark forces being unleashed. 

Step into Averys new world where we come across enchanted libraries, witches and fantastic creatures. 

A world we’re we get to travel on a magical flying bike. Full of danger, twists and turns and adventure of a lifetime awaits.

This is a wonderful book, full of great diverse characters, it incorporates legends.

A story of courage, friendship and belonging.

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