Writes of Passage – Words to Read before you turn 13

Pick any page inside this book and inspiration awaits. It is designed perfectly for the intended reader as each ‘passage’ is short in text length whilst being powerful in context, and this layout allows readers to pick at what they read, and adds to the enjoyment factor when recommending or gifting this book to young teens. Even the most reluctant of readers will want to get their hands on a copy of this book, and it quite literally contains something for everyone.

The introduction from Nicolette Jones gives readers the insight into how this collection of texts inside Words to Read before you turn 13 came to exist, and the overall significance of what and why these extracts came to feature within this gorgeous hardback with a ribbon bookmark feature too. I felt empowered by the two pages written by Nicolette, and could not wait to dive in to the rest of the book.

The content is divided into topics, all of which are highly significant, and there is a heading page to signal the start of each section that is crying out to be personalised by the lucky individual that owns this book, and I certainly found myself wanting to colour in the scroll styling that wraps around the respective title on the page. Doodling is possible throughout the book if one chose to do so, spurred on by the powerful content that resonates with you long after you have moved on to content further in the book.

A variety of content has been hand picked for this book, and includes poetry, classical fiction, children’s literature, famous people, and so much more. There is a fantastic footnote to each from Nicolette, who explains the significance for herself and readers for every piece. There are short quotes and full extracts from books, and every single ‘passage’ is as inspiring as it is informative. I could read from any one page in this book and it got me thinking, reminiscing, and consequently left me with a warm contented feeling.

As the original source for each piece is listed alongside it I have written a list of texts I want to further delve in to as a consequence, which is actually something that is a suggested activity in the book’s introduction. I have loved reading extracts from some of my favourite childhood books, and delighted in seeing so many quotes from people of whom I am familiar with too, especially as the likes of Michelle Obama and Greta Thunberg are so iconic. There is not one single ‘passage’ in this book that hasn’t inspired my imagination in a more emotional, considerate, and compassionate way, and as such this is a truly incredible read.

I genuinely wish I had of had access to this title when I became a teenager, and I can absolutely see how invaluable this book is to todays generation of young adults, and for many generations to come too.

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