Non Fiction recommendations to Inspire and Engage

Girl power, Indian Women who took on the World

  • Written by Neha J Hiranandani
  • Published by Scholastic

In 1998 the Indian government issued a stamp celebrating the life of Savitribal Phule.

Savitribal was a rebel, married to a man when she was 9 years old, he helped her to read and write  it was her dream to become a teacher.

With her husbands help they decided to open a school for girls, but the villagers didn’t like the idea if a lower class couple giving girls an education.

Thankfully they opened many more schools so all Indians should get an education. 

This is one of many amazing stories of fearless Indian women who decided to do things there way.

The story about Savitribal was my favourite one in the book, but there are 49 more stories,  I wonder what your favourite story will be.

Black and British. An Illustrated History.

  • Written by David Olusoga
  • Illustrated by Jake Alexander and Melleny Taylor
  • Published by Macmillan

In 1941 Ulric Cross left Trinidad and came over to Britain to join the RAF. He wanted to fight the Nazis and wanted a adventure. Ulric flew in 80 bombing missions, and earned 2 military awards.

This is one of many fascinating tales in this book.

We learn about 1800 years of black British history, from Romans Africans to nowadays. 

These stories are important that our children hear about and every school should have a copy of this book. Maybe if us adults all read this then maybe we could be more excepting.

My families has a love of trains  well really its my husband and our 2 boys.

If we are near a train station when we are out they always have to go and have a look, they are always gone for a long time.

So they were delighted and really interested when I brought 2 train books home, they quickly disappeared for a while.

Epic Adventures

  • Written by Sam Sedgman
  • Illustrations by Sam Brewster
  • Published by Macmillan

I’m a massive fan of Adventures on Trains that Sam co writes, I find the train history and the geography of the books interesting so i  know I was going to like this book. We find ourselves taking a trip around the world on 12 amazing train journeys. You actually feel as if you are the one travelling around the world, whist not leaving your living room. 

We discover ancient temples, wild animals, find out about delicious food and celebrate different cultures. This is an amazing action packed book. 

The illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful. So much detail have gone in to these, and they are so colourful. 


  • Written by Alastair Steele
  • Illustrations by Ryo Takemasa
  • Published by Bonnier

This book celebrates everything train, this is an interesting history of the train, starting at the stream engine and working up to the fast trains of today this book looks at everything from how the trains play a part in mail delivery  to passenger trains.

We also get to learn about the parts trains have played in wars.

This is a must for train fans both young and old.

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