2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – June (Part One)

The shop of Impossible Ice Creams

  • Written by Shane Hegarty
  • Illustrations by Jeff Crowther
  • Published by Hodder Children Books (on 9th June 2022)

Imagine moving to a new town, well that doesn’t sound to bad.

Imagine moving to a new town, and owning an ice cream shop – well that still sounds OK!

But Imagine if your mum had this wacky idea for new ice cream favours such as mushroom and tuna, yeah I think I’d be a little worried. 

This is exactly what Limpet is facing, well his actual name is Liam but nobody ever calls him that.

All he wants is a nice safe life, but he’s not sure his going to get it. Why can’t his mum sells good old Vanilla ice cream. 

On top of this evil Mr Fluffy is trying to put them out of business even before they are open. 

Limpet knows that he needs to fight back so with some new friends they set about defending the ice cream shop.

This really needs to be read on the beach with a ice cream in your hand. This is a fun book to read.

These book has brilliant illustrations that are so fun.

This us a book on new beginnings, friendship and believing in yourself. 

The Hiddenseek

  • Written by Nate Cernosek
  • Published by Penguin Random House

What happens when a game of hide and seek goes wrong, very wrong.

Well you end up in The Hiddenseek a place where forgotten children end up.

These children had been playing hide and seek but they were forgotten about like they don’t exist. 

The Hiddenseek is a strange place full of grey statues of children, turns out they were turned in statues by IT, (remember playing that as a child) and If IT touches you than you turn to stone.

There are lots of these and nobody yet has managed to work out what to do. That is until Holly and her brother Hector arrive. 

This is truly a must read book, there is everything in this book to keep you happy.

This will be so popular with the children who want a scare. 

This is one of those books I feel would make an excellent film.

It’s the end of the World and I’m in my Bathing Suit

  • Written by Justin A Reynolds
  • Published by Scholastic

I hate doing laundry, it’s a never ending job especially with two boys that are drawn to mud.

Maybe if I had thought of Eddie’s idea I could save myself some time.

Eddie hates laundry to, so he comes up this idea, which is to leave it and do it in one go.

But that backfires badly when his mum catches me , and bans him from the beach bash he’d been looking forward to. 

That when things start to go wrong, and Eddie finds everyone has vanished apart from a couple of friends. 

This book is so funny, and I loved how Eddie gets distracted and goes off subject.

A monster Handbook. Relax kids

  • Written by Marneta Viegas
  • Illustrations by Nicola Wyldbore Smith and Sarah Adams
  • Published by John Hunt publishing 

Everyone has feelings and moods, and some people find it increasingly difficult to talk about things, especially children. 

This book has been written as a tool kit to help children explain their feelings and emotions. This helps children express themselves. 

This book explains how adults can help with expressions and advises what words to use.

As we go through the book, a colour is associated with a feeling, an example of this is red, which means anger. Worry is associated with light blue.

As you go through the book, there are activities for each feeling,  some of the activities can be done with other people and others are craft activities that can be done in the book.

This is a bright and colourful book which will be ideal for schools.

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