A Robot Squashed My Teacher

  • Written by Pooja Puri
  • Illustrations by Allen Fatimaharan
  • Published by MacMillan 

In 2021 footballer Marcus Rashford decided to launch his own book club. 

He did this to encourage children into reading, the first book he selected was called  A Dinosaur ate my Sister, this was written by Pooja Puri. I ended up with 8 copies of this book in my school library and I’m lucky if there is 1 book left on the shelves at the end of the day.

In that book we were introduced to Esha Verma, who in her opinion is a genius inventor. And her trustee sidekick Broccoli. 

Well there back in a new adventure, Esha is still trying to win the brain competition and Broccoli still has his snotty nose. (come on, everyone who works in a school knows children who constantly have a snotty nose!).

After landing them both in detention Esha is messing around with her competition entry when she accidentally turns her teacher Mr Crepeau into a pigeon (again us school workers know of people we’d love to turn into a pigeon).

So its a race against time for Esha and Broccoli to turn Mr Crepeau back into a teacher and win the competition. 

I was hooked in the mad capped world of Esha by chapter 2. This is an exciting adventure full of wackiness.

This book is an amazing use of imagination. Fingers crossed for a third book.

Both of Pooja Puri’s are available to purchase from all good booksellers now.

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