Celebrating Mothers Day with Story Books

I would like to wish all those celebrating Mothers Day today a day to cherish, and one that is full of the most incredible moments that you each hold dear for years to come. I know for myself it will involve all the usual activities that come with the impending school week ahead – laundry, homework, and bath times to name a few. It will also involve the sharing of stories, and whether this be in the form of verbally reflect on memories from the past with my children or them telling me of some adventure they have had with friends, or enjoying a book together, I know I will enjoy them as they are shared between us. I am delighted to share this selection of books that encompass all that we associate with today, in book form. Unconditional love, warmth, protectiveness, respect, family, and enjoyment are all waiting to be found in these incredible books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Happy Mothers Day!

My Mum is a Lioness

  • Written by Swapna Haddow
  • Illustrated by Dapo Adeola
  • Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

I absolutely love this book because it takes all the activities that a mum typically does, such as changing nappies or cuddling dad, and relates them to the actions of a lioness because mum can run fast, and can also carry off a super loud roar too – especially when cheering on her cubs. The book goes further by including aunties as ‘the pack’ that all of the lionesses come together in, bringing their cubs with them, and thus celebrates all mothers.

The book put a smile on my face with every example that is given as to what the mums in this book get up to because they are the sorts of activities everyone will be able to recognise, whether it is the children hearing this story or an adult reading it to them, and all of the characteristics being referenced are those that would depict a loving, protective, caring mother.

With bright coloured bold illustrations to depict the scenes that unfold, the energy and warmth of the mum can easily be seen, and the fun that the ‘cubs’ are having is also just as evident. There is so much detail to explore on the pages that little ones will delight in being able to pick out things they recognise as the story unfolds.

My Mums Love Me

  • Written by Anna Membrino
  • Illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz
  • Published by Scholastic

This beautifully illustrated book tells of the love between a baby and their two mums. When one mum is taking care of baby the other is doing the follow up activity, and vice versa, and they always come together as a family, whether it be in singing favourite songs together in the car whilst on a journey, or at the end of a busy day.

What is hugely apparent from both the text and the illustrations in this book is the love and admiration that all three family members has for one another, alongside the mutual respect too. In a book that celebrates a two mum parenting family unit, this is a book that celebrates all that mums do in the daily upbringing of children, and how much enjoyment there is in doing so.

Looking for my Mummy

This is such an adorable book for little ones, that tells about how little bunny is eager to have a cuddle with mummy rabbit, and subsequently goes on an adventure whilst searching for mum. There are flaps on each page to interact with, which allow the reader to uncover other animals along they way, and details what the respective animal is up to, and the noise they make. It has such a cute feel to it throughout.

The illustrations feature photographs of the animals that the little bunny discovers, and they are so sweet to look at, in the most adorable of poses, and the rest of the illustrative content has a meadow feel through the chosen colour palette, and draws your eye to the variety of flowers and leaves that are a part of the landscape being explored.

This would make a fantastic gift for little ones, with Easter in mind, as well as to enjoy learning about different animals and plant life we find amongst the countryside, in our gardens, as pets, and in many other scenarios. The theme of the bunny looking for mummy rabbit also makes this a fantastic shared book for Mothers day, as the love between the pair is obvious for all to see, and baby bunny persevering in the search for mummy is testament to how much of a bond the pair have, and how much love they have for one another.


  • Written and Illustrated by Emma Dodd
  • Published by Nosy Crow

This much loved title is available in both picture book and board book format to enjoy, and features rhyming sentences with a sentiment of a mothers love for a child thread throughout. Each sentence begins with ‘I know that you are happy..’ and echoes that feeling of love, family, and closeness through each sentence in full. The illustrations reflect what is being referenced perfectly, with the actions of the baby owl coming to life on the page, and showing how happy and safe they feel, particularly as their mother watches on. The illustrations and the text compliment the overall message of this book perfectly, as they capture the special bond between a mother and a child perfectly. This is the perfect book to share with your little one, and equally worthy of gifting to soon-to-be/new parents too.

I Love Mummy Every Day

  • Written by Isabel Otter
  • Illustrated by Alicia Mas
  • Published by Caterpillar Books

A perfect way to celebrate mums everywhere, and the incredible lengths they go to every day for their children, this book would be an amazing gift to share with little ones to share every day – and of course Mothers Day too! The pages each feature a cut out peek through, which encourages little ones to see more of the detail being depicted in the beautiful illustrations, as well as making this a fun book to share. The book has all those things we think about when thoughts go to our mums including how she teaches us things, encourages us to be inquisitive, her hugs and so much more, and combined with the illustrations this book is a heart warming, love filled book.

My Mama

  • Written and Illustrated by Annemarie van Haeringen
  • Published by Gecko Press

This is such a beautiful book that features the bond between a mother and child so authentically, and in such a tender and endearing way. When I read this book aloud at home my Son laughed in all the relevant places, signalling his agreement with the content. The illustrations portray the respective text perfectly, and ensure even more smiles and laughter too. This is an absolutely perfect choice to share on mothers day, and will definitely prove a huge hit with little ones, who will doubtless want to hear this being read to them time and time again.

An ideal first picture book to share with younger audiences, this book would be perfect shared with a parent – and followed up with lots of hugs and kisses, thus being an ideal bedtime read that would easily become a family favourite and a regularly requested book for sure. This is definitely a read that celebrates family bonds and how special they are.

Superhero Gran

  • Written by Timothy Knapman
  • Illustrated by Joe Berger
  • Published by Nosy Crow

With rhyming sentences and eye catching, bright and beautiful illustrations this book has a fantastic vibe from the offset as it details just how amazing gran is to the two children that feature in the book. Her house is one full of trinkets and treasures that make exploring it fun, she enjoys making effort and having fun with the children doing activities such as dress up and she shares stories with them too. Gran will insist the children are able to stay for a sleepover when it is time to go which seals the deal as far as the children are concerned, she is definitely Super Gran! A brilliant feel good story that would work well at bedtimes, and at times when grandparents are celebrated such as Mothers Day and Birthdays too.

Grow: Secrets of our DNA

  • Written by Nicola Davies
  • Illustrated by Emily Sutton
  • Published by Walker Books

Giving children an understanding of how they came to be, how they are formed of DNA and how it is sequenced, and how they relate to other species past and present, this book holds so much information that will maintain readers interests and ensure they come away having learnt something significant to themselves. The illustrations compliment the text beautifully and help readers to make sense of what they are reading both in relation to themselves and other animals on earth. Walker Books have published an utterly brilliant picture book that combines non-fiction amongst its pages with this title and it should definitely be a must have for school libraries to stock.

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