Celebrating the start of Spring with The Magic of Seasons

When we here the word Seasons we immediately think of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and can extend on what the weather/temperatures we experience in relation to each typically tend to be, but there is so much more about Seasons that we are not even aware happens and exists as a consequence of the Seasons, and so much more besides – and it is all inside this brilliant DK guide by author Vicky Woodgate.

Accompanying readers along the journey is the adorable Mimi Cat, who is an adorable feline companion that pops up on the pages throughout the book as you explore the science shared in bitesize amounts, perfect in the way that the layout does not overwhelm us, and jam packed with so much Season themed content that is both fascinating and fun to learn from. There is everything from weather, foods, festivals, climate change, and the impact Seasons have on nature too.

The illustrations bring all of the information to life on the page, from the animals that feature to the plants, planets, and so much more. This book is visually stunning, and textually brilliant. I love the quiz detail that pops up after different sections of book, allowing you to test your seasonal knowledge, and a fun interactive detail children will definitely enjoy doing along the way. There are also different styles of portraying the information being shared with us in the book that are worthy of mention, including a true or false layout, with facts distributed across the page to acknowledge or indeed dismiss as a consequence.

I love DK books, and know that they are a trusted household brand when looking for informative, well researched books, and that is obvious from the offset with The Magic of Seasons, A Fascinating Guide to Seasons Around the World. I can see how invaluable this book will be in non-fiction sections of primary school libraries, as well as in topic boxes relevant to Seasons, Climate, Weather, and many others because this book covers so many topics that relate to Seasons.

For more insight and to continue the celebration check out the other blogs celebrating the first day of Spring, and the Magic of Seasons, and be sure to grab yourself a copy of this incredible title, available from all good booksellers now.

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