YA titles I highly recommend..

Echo North

  • Written by Joanna Ruth Meyer
  • Published by Pushkin Press

I couldn’t wait to start this book. Then when I did I had problems putting it down. 

At a young age Echo was badly scared by a wolf attack, all the villagers kept themselves away from Echo, including her stepmother. 

When her dad disappears Echo finds him, and to save his life she trades places with him, she must live with a wolf fir a year, the same wolf that scared her.

The wolfs house is enchanted and weird and wonderful things are behind every door.  As she grows attached to the wolf she begins to wonder who he really is.

This is an excellent story told from Echoes point of view, we learn about the house and the wolf as she does. We experience everything she does.

Win, Lose, Kill, Die

  • Written by Cynthia Murphy
  • Published by Scholastic

I was hooked by the first sentence “I didn’t mean to kill the first one”.

Morton Academy is a place where high achievers go.

These children get selected on their academic excellence.  A place with a head girl and head boy.

But someone is killing off all the head girls, the murders are committed in different ways, drowning, overdose, poison and various other methods. 

Soon the pupils at Morton Academy realise that it must be one of them.

I love a whodunnit and often I will guess who the murderer was, but as I read the book I  had absolutely no idea who it was, Even as I got further into the book and the characters got less and less I struggled. There was one characters I thought was too good to be true that perhaps it was him, but I was wrong. 

When I read the last chapter and the guilty person was revealed it took me by surprise,  in fact I re read the book again knowing who it was and still no clues where given away. 

To me this is a sign of a good writer. I would recommend this to teenagers aged 15 and above.

This book will have you hooked, it makes you believe that you are exactly there. A wonderful book full book full of enchantment, magic and mystery. 

Off the Map

  • Written by Scot Gardner
  • Published by Allan and Unwin

This is a wonderful collection of 15 short modern stories. 

Of course with books like this you will always have a favourite story and I’m no different.  I loved the first one, this story is all about Alex and what happens when you answer an email from someone who you think you know.

This one makes the mum face up to her past and secrets are revealed. 

I like books like this, especially if you are short of time as you can read a story in less than 10 minutes.

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