Flyntlock Bones – The Ghost of Scarletbeard

  • Written by Derek Keilty
  • Illustrated by Mark Elvins
  • Published by Scallywag Press

Flyntlock is a young orphan cabin boy on the Blackhound and we join him on his third adventure.

He is an amazing pirate investigator.

In this adventure the Countess of Bohemia has had her jewels stolen, stolen by a ghost. The ghost of Captain Scarletbeard.

Now Captain Scarletbeard is no ordinary ghost, he is the world’s most scariest pirate.

Flyntlock and crew descend into the murky depths to Davey Jones Locker, there they uncover a plot that threatens the seas forever. 

Meet new and old characters, these characters are larger than life.

Full of twists and turns, that will have you laughing out loud.

Then there are the illustrations, these illustrations are laugh out loud and hilarious. 

This is ideal for 7yrs +

For more reviews and insight into this latest title in the series check out the blog tour via the banner below.

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