Return to Factopia! Follow the Trail of 400 More Facts

  • Written by Kate Hale
  • Illustrations by Andy Smith
  • Published by Britannica Books

What do a Dinosaur and a Beaver have in common? Well it all has to do with their bottoms.

You see scientists once thought that dinosaurs had a second brain located near their bottom , ok I know your wondering what this has to do with beavers. A beaver produces a substance near its bottom that smells like vanilla, (in fact this substance is used in perfume. 

This is one of 400 facts that are all linked together. There is so much interesting information in this book,  there was quite a bit in here that I didn’t know, like I didn’t know that an avocado is actually a Berry.

I also didn’t know that farmers test to see if cranberries are ripe by bouncing them. So if you’re currently eating cranberries there’s a really good chance they have been bounced on the ground. 

The illustrations bring the information to life.

This book would be perfect for the non fiction section of your library.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour for more insight into Return To Factopia! Follow the Trail of 400 More Facts, and grab yourself a copy from all good booksellers now, priced at £10.99(rrp) in hardback.

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