The Adventure Club – Tiger in Trouble

Jess Butterworth has always been one of my favourite Children’s authors, and is my go to choice for stories that are both empowering and powerfully immersive. I own, with pride, every single title Jess has written to date, and have also had the pleasure of meeting her at my local Waterstones, along with my delighted daughter, to get the entire collection of books signed and dedicated too. That was an event to celebrate the publication of her latest title at the time, Swimming against the Storm, which you can read my review of here.

To date Jess has five middle grade titles, all of which offer extraordinary adventures for readers in some of the most stunning locations, alongside children that are facing often quite awful circumstances, and yet they proceed to give everything to prevail against the odds. These titles spanned 2017-2021, and then 2021 gave us an extra gem to adorn the shelves of children’s homes, bookstores, and school libraries – the first in a new series aimed at younger readers ( often referred to as early chapter books).

The Adventure Club

The Adventure Club series began with Red Panda Rescue, and offers readers aged 5-8 years an animal conversation themed story in the Himalayas, where the books main character Tilly ventures off to along with other members of the club, and they try to locate the red panda that they had been monitoring after it disappears. This book introduces readers to the club members, and how they have come together through a mutual love of animals and the natural world, which they are all eager to assist in the preservation and conservation of.

Book two in the series, Tiger in Trouble, was published last month by Orion Children’s Books (Hachette), and this time readers can accompany Tilly and Co to India, where the team are searching for a Tiger and her Cub that Tilly has become acquainted with through receiving regular letters and emails in relation to from the conservationists working out there. When the Tigers disappear and Tilly becomes concerned about them it is The Adventure Club she turns to, and they make necessary arrangements to head out to India to help the search efforts.

The journey they embark on the once in a lifetime sort, which involves meeting the most incredible people that are there to protect the animals, and educate others in doing so. The group get to experience living side by side with the most majestic species, including elephants that Tilly and her friends get to feed and bath. The entire time spent in India is as immersive for the reader as it is for the characters, and gives them an authentic look at life there, and the dangers facing the animals there – from poachers to roadways. For Tilly, it teaches her a valuable life lesson, that of patience.

Throughout the book we become acutely aware that Tilly is impatient, and often feels frustrated at having to wait for an outcome or answer, and it is only when she is visiting India that she realises that patience is an essential life skill, especially when rushing into a situation could have dangerous consequences, and so she focuses her time on keeping this journal style book up to date, which is how this book is formatted, and gives us all the information we could ask for whilst on the trip to India, so that as the reader we have a fantastic vantage point on what is happening, and the significance of it all too.

Readers will be urging on Tilly and the rest of the club, hoping they succeed in locating the Tigers whilst they are in India, especially when they are faced with torrential downpours that threaten their mission. It is edge of your seat content at times, which ensures readers are engaged throughout the entire story, as they embark on an unforgettable rescue mission, and with so much to see and learn along the way there is never a dull moment. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout.

I cannot wait to share this book with children that are looking for fantastic fiction suitable for those beginning to enjoy early chapter books, and really look forward to the next title(s) in this series. The books can be read as standalone titles but also offer readers longevity as a series, which I know so many look for and love. The beauty of younger readers coming to know and love Jess Butterworth through this series is them being able to venture further into her writing through her middle grade titles as they grow their reading confidence, because Jess writes of the natural world in all of her books, and the struggles that are faced within in, through different locations and a variety of disasters relating to the characters in the respective books.

Book One and Two in The Adventure Club series are available to purchase from all good booksellers, with Book Three, Polar Bear Patrol, due for publication in July 2022.

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