Britannica 5 Minute Really True Stories for Family Time

Now I still read a bedtime story to my children, we snuggle up in my bed and we will read a couple of chapters of whatever the book might be.

But sometimes the chapters can be short and the boys aren’t ready to go to bed, so I have been using this book of 5 minute stories to read at the end of my chapter books.

These stories are quite interesting and different ,there are stories about the first ever playground., and how dinosaurs looked after their babies, for me I enjoyed the stories around the world. What’s for breakfast was an especially interesting one, as you are able to see what people around the world eat.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and help make the reading experience joyful.

Be sure to check out the other stops on this blog tour for more insightful reviews. Information can be found on the banner below.

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